The obligation to fill in the current tax return for the year 2010 is valid this year for most of them. Those who do not use the services of a tax advisor or are not provided by the employer, can use the interactive formulas on

The appearance and main principles of the income tax formula for 2010 do not change. In addition to the cosmetic rights of some frames and the specification of several formulations, there is really only one change, namely the tax advantage for the nutrition of children.

While in the previous years it was possible to apply a bonus of 10,680 crowns per year for the whole year, the new increase rose to 11,604 crowns ron, resp. 967 crowns for each MSc. And, of course, according to the salary, eu dt with the ZTP / P order is taxed twice as much.

Fill in the formula with the required data on income, insurance and rebates and other consumption. In addition, a simple hint is displayed for each polka.

The Ministry of Finance also published an interactive form in pdf format on its website. Its advantage is, in addition to the official hallmark of the first work with the pdf format. Therefore, there is no need for compatibility with individual spreadsheets. You can find the basic form of the Ministry of Finance here.

Daov form sta print

The completed tax return can then be printed and delivered to the financial office, even black-and-white versions on individual sheets, it is not necessary to write down the consumed values ​​into the original formula of the Ministry of Finance. After all, you only have to state that the use of the form must give the content and graphics in accordance with the original, in this case the salary.

Interactive wizard in the style of free question-answer

In addition to tax returns in the form of excel tables, this year I can use an alternative. In a special application, answer simple questions such as “Pay a mortgage?”, Fill in your income information and a complete return, for which the consulting company will be sent to you free of charge by e-mail.

If you do not want to enter your name, home or native name in the application, you do not need to process data according to the data protection policy. Fill in the tax form anonymously, and only the form with the completed fields will be sent to your e-mail inbox. Finish the run after the rest.

Formulas for OSV

In the overview of income and expenses of self-employed persons, the “sales” of the formula, ie the limits for the collection deposits, in the decisive amounts or some coefficients, changed in particular. Due to the form of the Czech Social Security Administration for OSV practically no difference.

Forms for the calculation of health insurance have started to publish individual insurance companies on their websites in the form of interactive forms in PDF format. If I just look away from each other, the calculation is always the same and you can easily download them here:

– VZP formula
– formulas for PWD
– formula pojiovny Ministry of the Interior
– Metal-Alliance bond formula
– formul pojiovny koda
– formul pojiovny Media

He gave tools for tax returns for 2010

Detailed instructions for completing the form can be found in the official instructions. You can download them in PDF format here:

– instructions for filling in the tax return
– instructions for OSV formulas
– instructions for the health insurance company form (on the example of VZP)
– sample tax formula for income tax in PDF format

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