Areas: In the column on the right, mark the number of sheets of a given type of area, depending on which one to pay for the tax return.

Bad. 1: Fill in the entrepreneur, ie those who have a trade license or you an author’s honor.

Model: Jan Pnek floats to the surface, protoe m ivnostensk list.

Bad. 2: Fill in those who have income from rent or you income from the sale of personal property, which was sold at a profit within a year of their purchase.

Model: Jan Pnek completed plot 2.

Bad. 3: Fulfill the people who have income from abroad. Business and employee income.

Bad. 4: The area is filled by people with selected capital incomes, such as dividends from abroad.

Bad. 5: Fill in those who apply together.

etn zvrka: Entrepreneur who leads ethnicity (two double). An entrepreneur who deducts data or keeps tax records (two simple ethnic groups) does not have to worry about this item.

Confirmed by the employer: Confirmed picldaj employees, get him in the wage thorn. If anyone changed employers during 2006, they were confirmed by each of them.

Model: Eva Pnkov is employed. Therefore, a confirmation from the employer was attached to his / her return, a copy was attached to his / her tax return.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

Confirmed by: Whoever believes in the housing needs from the mortgage bank or building society, completed a blank 47. Confirmation of your paid year worked on the loan.

Model: Jan paid 10,000 crowns in 2006. Confirmed saw, copy of pid i piznn eny.

Confirmed pension fund: Those who participate in the pension fund in the amount of less than 6,000 crowns, filled in the blanket 48. The saw was confirmed by the sent payments and in this case it will indicate it. In the case of a joint pilot, a copy of the manna.

Confirmed connection: If you are paying for a life insurance, you have filled in blank 49. You will receive a payment receipt in the financu series, which you will still have.

Model: Both spouses have a payable bond, so both attached to their tax return the original of their certificate and a copy of the spouse.

From the plohy: These include, for example, a fair statement of income, if you have completed a blanket 65a or 65b, a clear statement that the tax does not apply to children, other translations of certificates of income abroad and the like. Thirdly claimed husband, who apply joint taxation, and at the same time do not have the same permanent residence, that they also live in the same household.

Model: Pnkovi, for example, stated that they are in the same household. The second area will confirm the study of the eldest daughter, which the father pedaled in the original.

Poet list ploh: In the right column, set the number of sheets of surfaces that you have clicked on the tax credit. Keep copies from the surfaces.

Unmarked blank: Drink the date and don’t forget to sign.

gives about the stupor: Employees do not have to deal with this field. If the admission is processed by the advisor, fill in your identified data here.

In case you have a tax overpayment or you need to pet a tax deposit within the joint tax, it is important to fill in unmarked thanks in the blank box on page 4 of the tax return below. Be especially careful if you make a mistake, your request for a refund will be extended by weeks and months.

enough to refund the personal income tax payment:

1. Mark the return of the entire payment or just its payment to the address or number

Model: Jan Pnek deducted from his payment the tax that his wife has to pay: 20 760 14 240 = 6520

2. Fixed a surcharge to a manela / ku. This is the procedure for the case of joint taxation, when one of the spouses has paid you enough pensions and the type of income in the joint tax, and in the joint taxation it turns out that even a partner without actual income should pay tax. The issuing partner will then transfer the financial amount to its payment for the manual fee.


■ according to the permanent residence of the spouse;
■ number of financial series (the list can be found at;
■ as a variable symbol, the original name of your husband.

Model: Jan Pnek wrote down the tax that his wife calculated and paid in her credit. He mentioned the financial office in Jihlav, where the currency lasted to live, and its number 7623681/0710, which he found at It is important that Jan Pnek has to sign here as well.

Mr. Eva doesn’t leave this whole box empty.

Sample formulas page 4 HERE

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