Do you have to file a tax return and don’t have beech? Ask a tax expert for help. Advise on how to pay the sttu as little as possible.

If you do not want to ask someone, you should be clear whether you are looking for an ethnic or tax advisor. Both can help you fill in your tax return.

If all you have to do is have someone share a common tax liability or how much you have to pay in taxes from renting an apartment, it is easier and cheaper to turn to ethnicity. Most of them are asking them if they know any handy and willing people. If you want to spend money on the Internet, try the Chamber of Certified Ethics ( Search in lev lit under Lists and Search.

anci jet mte. When the client delivers all the documents, it is not a problem to process the data, including Iva Pacnerov.

The main advantage of etnho is the price
The simplest tax return, for example income from employment with a one-off beer, will also come out on the question mark. The prices are very individual and understandably salary, the money is complicated, the more expensive it is.

Despite the fact that it is not a problem for consumers to spend money, they are entitled to tax advice according to the trade law. In practice, this means that I fill in the form, but unlike the advisor is not responsible for the correctness. If he finds a financial error in the loan, you have to pay the money from your own pocket. In addition, the tax on ethnho must be sold in the first term, ie by the end of the ordinary.

You can postpone this with the advisor
If you want to postpone the term payment and go to June, contact your tax advisor. Until the end of the year, just give the financial council a power of attorney, in which you tell the advisor to pay for the tax.

The licensed tax is associated with the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic. On the Chamber’s website ( you can search for advisors by home.

The problem is that not all daai on vs will have half as usual. Try to enter the advertisement in the third job, which the chamber operates on its pages. In the formula, you will describe your request and your advisor will find you sm

How many children for the tax

1. joint taxable man (with income from employment, woman on parental leave, deducting years from the mortgage) 1,000, but also 6,000 crowns for both

2. employee with beer (applies paul, deduction of pension and life insurance) 1,000, but also 5,000 crowns

3. small entrepreneur without employees (keeps tax records and applies the actual data, he just wants to compile a certificate) 1,500, but also 12,000 crowns Source: appropriately addressed advisers

Piznn for 500 and for 10,000 crowns
Like ethnic and tax advisors, it does not have a daily regulated tariff as, for example, lawyers. A separate price will be given to a separate tax advisor and another large tax office, there are also differences in individual regions, the role of whether you are taxing 200 thousand or 200 million will also play a role. In the case of natural persons, the most expensive are those in which there are several types of income, such as employment, business and abroad.

How much to pay, bad even on the quality of the substrate
When you bring them undisputed to you in a shoe box, give them a job and he will of course pay for it. The price is also affected by whether you use daae services throughout the year or just once.

Advisors do not like to publish the price, and not to newspapers at all. According to Eva Novkov’s advisers, the criticism of their colleagues must have seemed too high for one of them, the other for their rates.

The responsibility of the advisor ribs
A good reason for your tax advisors is that you are obliged to pay money. In the end, the counselor assumes responsibility for the fact that he completed the letter correctly, and if not, the penle comes from the insurance, which he must be obliged to take out in this case. I also have the power to represent and defend before the financial community in case of need.

Just be careful, the skills can have a different range and it is best to read it in writing. When, for example, you arrange a so-called document control, it also examines whether you do not use something as business data that would not be defensible before the financial council.

You must submit the tax return when you do business, apply jointly or rent an apartment. If you can’t master the formula, turn to an expert.

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