If you have to fill in and submit your tax return by the end of the year, the tax will be taken care of by the old man. This pension for 2007, ie to go according to the “old rules”, although otherwise from January the wage affected by the tax reform.

Manel and at least one child will use the benefit of joint tax for the last time, the entrepreneur will include paid social and health insurance. And the tax will be according to tax dogs 12 and 32 percent, according to the income.

Ask a thank you note on how to fill in the tax return. According to the same MF DNES you will find:
– Do you pay off together? And who will force me?
– Respect yourself
– Who pays the tax according to the minimum deposit?

You want to know everything?

Detailed instructions on how to fill in the tax return can be found in the third edition of the Penze MF DNES area.

Not sure if you have to deal with the same formula at all?

In what cases you have this obligation, and when you do not have to worry about them. Fill in the form when
– you have income from business or rent of more than 15 thousand crowns or you report a tax loss
– you have income from your employment and your other taxable income (from business, rent) in excess of 6,000 crowns per year,
– you want to apply zdann manel together
– you have income from more employees at the same time and income from other employees did not tax the Serbian tax, as you do for rewards from the agreement on the performance of work, which did not exceed 5,000 crowns

You can forget about this piznn

– when you don’t have a drink – iv vs rodie, manel, ptel,…
– you have income that is exempt from taxes – social benefits, scholarships, unemployment benefits, pensions, flat allowances up to 20,000 crowns
– you have income taxed by Serbian tax – dividends, profit shares, years from bank deposits and bonds

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