The remaining income tax return remains for eight days. You have to pay at the same time. ter 31. bezna is a term deadline for all who have embarked on filling in the tax forms themselves. Make sure you have all the essentials of a tax return.

Not noticed on the first surface

For the form, go to finance or download it from the Internet or from the website of the Ministry of Finance: in the tax forms section. Keep in mind that the main form contains only area 1 for entrepreneurs, if you gave income, you rent, you will need area 2, and if you went abroad, then area 3.

You don’t have to fill out the letter only with a pen in hand, try to sit on the Internet and you at aspx? c = A111227_133551_p_dane_zuk pour data directly into the formula. The system in the spot and you then print it out, sign it up and touch it.

Ask for advice

With the fact that you consult with the banker on the financial board, at the end of the ordinary you better not to sweat. It will not be on vs mt as. Take a look at the internet, at tax is a whole round on how to deal with the formula.

If you are still unsure of your stuff, you should consult an expert. You can submit either a tax advisor or etn.

Advisor vs will come out dr. In the event that your admission is complicated, his remuneration can pay up to ten thousand crowns. Again, he is the first person who is responsible for the correct completion of the form, and the only one with him can submit the form and pay the tax for three months. And make an appointment with the counselor, give him a power of attorney, and he will let you know that you have chosen him. The deadline is extended to 30 June.

etn vs comes out cheaper. A simple pizza costs 500 crowns. But you do not have a delay with nm for ner errors and dn.

They will be on the boards according to

You can file a tax return in person at the financial office where you are registered (usually a place of permanent residence). Pensions will be flown to his account. You can find a list of series on the website of the Ministry of Finance R: in the section Financial series or on the website of the first message board. The filing offices of the financial offices will be open daily from 11 pm to 27th and thus on 30th and 31st day. The district finances will also be open on Saturday, February 28, from 8:00 to 12:00.

Podn electronically and without signature

You can avoid the front line when you fill in the completed formula electronically. After all, you can “admit” even in five minutes to the last twelve, even if you haven’t bought an electronic signature. But you have to go to the financial office with a printed and signed e-form no later than within a day. This is confirmed by which program the program generates after sending the file. Forms can be found on the esk daov first pages in the section: Dan electronically. Please note that you must pay the bag in this case by 31. When you transfer a number of pensions over the internet the same evening, you will be late, but no longer than two days. Penle in such a short time will be negligible.

If you have an electronic signature, you don’t have to go to “finank” at all, just go online via the Internet. If you want to get a signature, it will cost from two to five hundred crowns a year, depending on where you get it. Let’s go, according to him issued by the First Certificate Authority and the company eIdentity. You can send the letter by registered letter, then keep the stamped file so that you can complete the form.

How to pay da

You can pay cashless, ie by bank order, via the Internet or telephone. When entering the recipient, do not forget to list all the basic items: the first prefix, the number of the financial series, the variable symbol and the bank code. Do not leave the bag payment at the last minute, the transfer takes two days. And pay for years from delays, which according to the days of the rate are 15.75 percent ron.

You can also pay your pension directly at the cash register or send it then. In the second case, take the most time. Decisive is this stamp of the sweat with the date when you pointed out your pension, and it will be calm and 31st.

How to fill a tax voucher

You can pick up a special tax voucher at all branches of the bank or at the financial office. Unlike other vouchers, you will not have to spend a crown on payment with this voucher, as it is exempt from sweat fees.

Fill in the game yourself, the only thing you will need to find out in advance is the number of your financial line. You can find it on the internet or you can call ad.

Daov elephant must contain the following data:

  • stka – fill in from the right, do not enter the hall. Cross the empty space in front of the drain with a double horizontal line.
  • the number of the financial or customs series F / C – fill in from the right only the deposit of the balance (without the prefix). Do not add or perfuse empty space. Attention, that ad m jin slo. Find out directly at the finance office or on the website of the Ministry of Finance.
  • variable symbol (used to identify the paddle) – fill in the right surname (natural persons) or I (first persons) on the right. Do not fill the empty city with zeros or bleed in any way.
  • the specific symbol is not disabled for pjm taxes
  • name of the financial adu – drink in words (eg Prague 8)
  • type of tax (pedsl sla tu) – tick only one type of tax from the menu. For income tax, pay 721. To pay for various taxes, you must always fill in a new tax form.
  • sender’s address – fill in the main length and on the confirmation verifiable, in a deep dog including the destination direction

After paying the left side of the elephant store, keep it. It is the only document that you will be able to prove in case of a problem that you actually paid the first money and you.

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