Year after year, the deratiztoi duel with rodent colonies in the canals. Marn. They are extremely cunning, resilient and hungry, they are suitable for moisture, darkness and soil. Plus, they have a relentless desire to reproduce. that it is about rats, the swarms of companions of the human race.

Against them there are inconspicuous hunters in orange vests, because deratiztoi, who must be persevering first. And let them not be frustrated that the fight against the violence of uatch believers, who are full of everyone in this city, will never win.

Natst we are not exactly competitive types. If we want to win over the rats for any price, we will be guaranteed to go crazy within thirteen days, to humbly Ivan Knebl, who with the park Zbyk Kohoutek will throw himself into the area deratization for Prask vodovody a kanalizace always at the end of April.

these guys, pt million rat

For a better idea of ​​how hopeless their journey is, the rat had statistics. In the burst of sewers, there are about five million early rodents, rodent controllers fighting them in a dramatic weakening of those divided into two crews.

Only if there weren’t any of them, there would be nowhere for the rats to cling to Pemnoen rats. Such a powerful rat mother can be bred in a year and 70, but yes, aunt, another seven pieces, which will move you to start your family. Then it is almost surprising that Zbynk Kohoutek, who has been chasing him in Prague for more than twenty years, said: Upmn, the rat practically did not meet.

And indeed, a hundred deratizan dark time to observe at work and it is clear that the day of dramatic chases behind us and confrontation with rodent teeth is not a threat. It is also necessary to turn up my nose over this work, nothing and so disgusting is happening here. We open the canal, use the machine to change the amount of methane and other pollutants that could cause us, and then use a plastic pipe to direct the poison into the sewer in the sewer. And it’s done, Knebl explains.

Time, so what is actually hiding under the age of the canal (which by the way in about thirty kilograms)? In the upper part of Vclavské nmst, in the middle of the road there is a round-edged road and below it is some five meters of darkness. Tee water down somewhere. At the point where we have to go, we also hit, hard Kohoutek and pipework sent the rats a kilogram bait.

The poison looks (and so out) like a perostl and a little enlarged surroundings, until someone shreds cranberries. Attention, this is the first poison. But otherwise, the bait is made of good things: always, pickles, mesh, fat or corn, wake out deratiztoi, which you can enjoy washing in a while.
Because rats are really cunning and in their two-legged wicked two, they also see that they can be poisoned. They also have their tasters, which the colonies pour out to taste the unfamiliar savage goodness. Therefore, the poison does not react immediately. Rats do not have the ability to vomit, so they are poisoned in the bloodstream and bled in five and seven days, l Zbynk Kohoutek.

Crack down the sewer like a rat feast

Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of such insatiable, much of which could be caught on bait when it comes to deratization. They just have to be hungry. Praan is relatively unruly, Knebl sighs and begins to tell what the big city is all about.

It’s a done rat feast. Just look around the garbage that went there. And in the sewers it’s a mountain ride. We open the canal and there is a spread of bread with salm, an ideal rat snack, l deratiztoi.
However, it is a lot of mountains, the inhabitants of the city flush tons of the rest into the canal, from many restaurants in the center of Prague, food and especially oil flow into the sewer in huge quantities. In the vicinity of the Old Town, where the sewers lead a meter below the sidewalks and where there is enough food, the rodents must be ready to drive gastronomically.

The best way to bag them is in damp cities, for example around Botie or Rokytka. Many of them have recently appeared in Kobylisch in the Ldv area or in Holeovice, Zbynk Kohoutek describes the current rats as preferred rats.

Hold like a rat from Podol

Don’t imagine rats sitting behind a lover of zaitch pods, their colonies roaming the cracked underground as you please. You can also find them practically everywhere.

This is how we were deratizing the cellars in Podol and suddenly let’s see in front of them a black-and-white rat. Look bad, but this one, hold like a squirrel. In the end, he disappeared, but the bottom of the board, he normally unscrewed, shook Ivan Knebl’s head and reminded that the path with the bald tail invited me with a bald tail and saw the buildings.

As soon as the builders dig into the ground, huat hemen starts. And sometimes you don’t even need to pile up a debt. They called us once in Kobylis, that a piece of the sidewalk had fallen there, and they were there. We shot the baits in one cut and then in just a pot, there were a dozen of them, mon padest, Ivan Knebl estimates.

By the way, think about the darkness where all the dead rat pushes actually go? No, no one can choose them from the sewers, they will simply be flushed out with water. These are supposed to capture the gross uncertainty from the water, including rats, explains Tom Mrzek from Prague’s water supply and sewerage system.

From rats to vbm and tnicm

In one day, from the deratized tandem to the five bursts of canals 35 kilograms of what was opened hatch, that kilogram of hubex. For most people, it’s probably not a dream, but at least we keep it in the fresh air. And we also get quite strong, show deratiztoi, that gracefully lift and put back in place tk vko wants exercise and muscles.

Only rats are new, the company I work for is also engaged in disinsection or eliminating annoying insects and other harmful lizards. It once covered the thin skin of rusty ants pharaoh and vb and Russian. These are darlings, said Ivan Knebl with reference to the parasites that give them work now, ie tnice.

They are extremely hardy, the liquidation must be carried out repeatedly, notes the exterminator and warns that a colleague of two do not avoid the unpleasant parasites from the neglected old apartments: We were at the gentleman who had in the apartment cleaned up, certainly and tnic. It turned out that she brought them from the store in a new mattress.

Even though it was a long and ruthless duel, in the end the exterminator ended up for both the house and the pair. This will never happen to rats, close ZbynkKohoutek.

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