Unlike companies from payment companies, where you ask for pensions on a specific basis, you can provide a bond for anything.

Drink fees from the bank

Please note that in addition to a year, the bank charges fees – for the provision of loans (usually 1 percent of the volume of the loan), for the maintenance of the loan (30 and 100 crowns msn) and sometimes bnho tu (another 20 and 40 crowns msn).

Years rates range from 8 to 16 percent ron. Always pay, for a long time you will pay the debt, then pay it. Repay the loan of 40,000 crowns in 3 years by 10,000 crowns, when you extend the maturity period to 76 msc, pay extra and 16,000 crowns. Msn spltka should not ruin vs, but when you try to pay a thousand, it is nonsense to set it for a question mark.

Make the paperwork easier if you go to the bank where you have a pension. You don’t have to prove your income, you’re a citizen. And mBank can also do without confirmation of up to CZK 60,000 for foreign clients without confirmation.

The bank will allow the debt to be repaid and not to defer the installments

If you pour a pension suit under the tree and want to repay you, you can. Banks wash it, often a bag and after meeting the uritch conditions. esk spoitelna, SOB and GE Money Bank charge a fee (1 and 5 percent of the installment), mBank temporarily repaid the permit and after a year of payment, and you often have to notify the bank of your agreement in writing. On the contrary, when the pension will not reach you and you would like to postpone the installments, you will not succeed. Um sa vak teba esk spoitelna a Volksbank.

Rizika jednotlivch bake


Overdraft is a possibility to go to minus here to the minus. The overdraft is revolving, which means that the moment you balance the outstanding balance, you can draw the pension again. It is automatically paid from the payments that come to me, and is only for the period of time.

  • Pjka: a do 200 000 corundum
  • years rate: 10 a 18 %
  • Maturity: do 6 a 12 msc

Risk: When the hell allowed the limit, the bank charges a high penle – and 30 percent of the peerpan stka.

Credit card

The credit can be issued by a bank, installment company, or merchant. The card has a set limit that you can draw. If you repay the debt during the so-called smooth period, do not hide in m years.

  • Pjka: from 20,000 crowns
  • years rate: 18 and 30% (attention, banks indicate lpe looking msn years)
  • Maturity: 45 to 55 dn

Risk: When withdrawing pensions from an ATM, the period is valid for a period of time, and the years will start at the time of collection.

Bank loans

If you buy a pension for a specific amount, it is cheaper. U neel pjky bv year you by 1 and 2 percent. In addition to the year, the bank will charge you a fee for the first and first. The bank requires me to open the bn et.

  • Pjka: from 15,000 crowns
  • years rate: 7 a 18 %
  • Maturity: 6 msc a 6 let

Risk: Loans are easily available, but if you download them all at once, there is a risk of problems with fulfillment.

American mortgage

Neelov belongs to the secured property, you can spend any pension. years, the rate is slightly lower than for consumers, incl. Sweat with a fairly complex level, high fees for approval and leadership here. Spltky is mon rozloit and for 30 years.

  • Pjka: from 150,000 crowns
  • years rate: from 7.5%
  • Maturity: 3 a 20 let

Risk: If you do not repay the loan, you risk that the bank will confiscate your property.

Spltkov sale

In any store, you can buy goods from the company’s installments – such as Multiservis, Home Credit, Essox or Cetelem. For cheap goods, you do not even need a receipt. These vry can be repaid at your time even without a refund. In the offer, loans with delayed arrest are also fulfilled.

  • Pjka: from 3,000 crowns
  • years rate: 0 a 25 %
  • Maturity: 4 a 50 msc

Risk: If you only pay the debt a day later, the companies have high years.

Quick pjky

This is a short-term “home loan”, as offered, for example, by Provident Financial or companies that advertise their offer not only in newspapers, but also on pillars. Focus mainly on clients who have some kind of “crunch” in the register and the bank does not give them. You let the risk be paid.

  • Pjka: from 3,000 crowns
  • years rate: not specified, but the APR is 100%
  • Maturity: by company

Risk: years are so high that just the idea of ​​this type of loan is a risk.

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