What would you change in your company? 80% of employees answer this question with communication. Jitka Tejnorov from DMC management consulting tells how to glue it, not to buy it.

The main pins of communication problems include:

  1. Low level of executives -manages are reworked, they change more on their own wheels, I can’t get delegated, they don’t have to check the results of the work of the podium, don’t give you or full information that supports the so-called corridor communication in companies.
  2. Weak support for dark cooperation –Employees are not part of a project where you only complete your own school without knowledge of the context and connection to the rest (this is not my problem), employees have errors and feedback, and look for reasons I do not rush in the work of others.
  3. Missing rules –unclear responsibilities and powers open the door to alibis, dragging on no problems and working for work.

All these factors strongly influence the motivation of employees. If not for a long time, the impetus of demotivation and sharply reduced productivity.This condition occurs repeatedly in every company, regardless of size or confusion. Pichz does not notice and often his management starts to notice and at the moment of big problems. So when they suddenly start to fall on the table, the quality of work decreases and the dissatisfaction of customers increases.

That’s not what it used to be

The first problem in communication was recently a family business. It arose in a culture of mutual coherence, individual responsibility and initiative. Corporate culture carried a talented people for everything, a quick problem, a friendly atmosphere, a willingness to help others, a high motivation. Then problems arose. The company started rst. Natural chaos uk zen did not stand and began tenice responsibility and authority. A period called boue in development.

Employees felt that they would work in a diverse way, they became dissatisfied with the evaluation, they insisted on proper communication and cooperation, they negatively evaluated the efforts of new managers to introduce rules and a system. She said words like: It wasn’t what it used to be. We have a communication problem. A few people were willing to admit that it was common and necessary during the development of the company. How to handle it?

1.Pin identification

We found that the management was focused more on operations than zen tm. There were no rules. They all co-decided and were more interested in the responsibilities of the others.

In this phase it is important to work with all departments in the company. And it is important to pay that employees are not the only management. The problem is that society is not ready to accept the truth, it is trying to downplay the problem or call it unreadable. Willingness to admit that a long time is wrong is the most common barrier to change.

2.Clov stav

Together with the management of the company, we agreed on the duty, ie where they want to go. For the common cl, all members must be motivated. In this case, the company wanted to change the approach to employees at the lowest level, increase the quality of management team and introduce HR systems, ie for employees.

At this stage, there may be complications in the form of individual immaturity of some people who are not prepared to change the functioning of society. They usually represent an aunt from the whole management. Create barires and look for reasons, it’s not possible. In this phase, it is important to reliably evaluate the quality of managerial darkness, make changes or ensure their coaching.


We provided coaching and development programs for all levels, we offered projects to change work standardization, and then new rules.

Here, too, problems can arise, and that the reaction begins to shift due to the perpendicular perpendicular to a later time. And so the threat that the whole change in communication will dissipate without haste. The action will pick up a dead due to a missing check. The insertion of energy nepin spch and the motivation of the realized darkness for further work decreases. If it is not possible to explain the essence of the program in a quality way, add a round of rounds.

How did it turn out? The company has a full, which is reviewed quarterly. Now I know what to do, what my responsibility is. After a year, the company increased its turnover, the motivation of employees increased, and fluctuations and illness dreamed. The project is still ongoing, managers are regularly coached in managerial skills.

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