In the Czech Republic, the rules for redundant employees are one of the best in Europe. It is impossible to say goodbye to an employee who, for example, just does not fall into darkness. What else did Deloitte’s international study on the employee environment reveal?

The current Deloitte International Dismissal Survey compared the situation of employers in 46 countries in Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia. It turned out that our employees are against labor dismissal compared to others. And to put it, the costs of redundant employees, such as severance pay and severance pay, are high. In total, seesko placed in the thirteenth city of all monitored cities.

The calculation, however, does not take into account cases where the employer dismisses the employee without a final reason, ie invalid, and the claim is challenged in court. In such a case, the costs for employers increase significantly, including the payment of wages,to Anna Szabov, lawyer at Deloitte Legal, who submitted to the study.

Italy, Germany and France are among the six most expensive countries, regardless of whether the reason is organized or not.

Costs associated with the arrest of organizational reasons given to the Czech employees, who spent for the year about 750 thousand crowns, about 400 thousand crowns, ie about 16 thousand euros. 35 million crowns. If an Italian employer wants to fire an employee without a reason, it is only because he does not like the way he is dressed, the associated costs will be doubled.

In the case of an employee with double the wage, the costs of the Czech employer associated with the payload increase. In Italy, the dismissal of a senior employee is essentially important. Therefore, if the employer wants to say goodbye to an employee who has worked for him for many years, it will mean costs for him, warns lawyer Szabov.

In more than 75% of the monitored countries, the employer can dismiss employees at any time. On the contrary, in several small countries, employment is terminated only because of the words set by the law. In addition to the Netherlands, Latvia, Croatia and Slovenia, such countries include the First Republic of Slovenia. Our legislation does not bind the employees of the authorities, nor would any of the reasons be given at the end of the work, adds Anna Szabov.

You can get the call from outside almost everywhere

Only the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have set a maximum severance pay when reporting for organizational reasons. In other countries, as well as in the Czech Republic, the severance pay can be increased above the final minimum of any, according to the employer and his agreement with the employee.

The team in all countries plays a key role in terms of the cost of the redundant employee, his seniority (ie long service with the company). More than 60% of the countries covered the maximum length of the reporting period, either severance pay, or both.

In the Czech Republic, after the sixth year of the employee’s employment with the employer, the differences in costs result only from wages. In other countries, however, seniority is more differentiated. In a number of countries, this has an impact on the length of the reporting period. It is interesting that in Belgium the reporting period can exceed one year.

Thus, in all countries, the legislative concept speaks for its own reasons and includes the protection of certain categories of employees against misconduct, such as maternity leave, study leave, and the performance of public office.

In the Czech Republic, with some exceptions, especially the current employees, employees on maternity leave and employees and employees on parental leave, employees on incapacity for work and caring for a sick child and other member of the household are protected, according to Anna Szabov.

In most countries of the Czech Republic, an employee who has been inactive at the bottom of the day, or is at least convinced of it, can obtain a continuing employment relationship. Only in a few European countries (Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Denmark, Luxembourg) do invalid redundant employees only qualify for monetary compensation.

And a pearl on the animal: in the Netherlands and Ecuador, before dismissal from employment needs the prior permission of the state authority and the court.

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