Recently, they have literally multiplied in the Czech Republic as mushrooms for the children of the company, offering an appreciated contribution from the people under very interesting conditions, but unfortunately without the permission of the home regulator. What are you trying to do?

With basic arguments, the company lures nothing to people, they tend to be unrealistic, but they guarantee profits, secure investments, many years of experience of its managers in the markets with very many financial instruments.

Andl of business are either the smallest or the most greedy
The first company to offer our services for a year is Business Angels Investment, which offers its clients a guaranteed valued deposit of 7.8% (this company is the fastest to achieve real returns).

The basis for achieving a guaranteed return is a deposit of at least 50,000 crowns for a period of 12, 18 or 24 msc. Deposits should be paid quarterly. According to their company, the company invests your pension in a project that has an interesting return potential, but they are not able to secure a loan from the bank.

At present, the return on pensions is a guarantee of investment in a mobile power plant for renewable sources. According to the company, the investment is of course extremely safe (we probably won’t comment on that here).

Unfortunately, the security of the investment, which is 90% financed by the top and 10% by the BAI investor’s pension, is indeed debatable. The company, of course, deals with the percentage as it pleases, just to make it look tempting, but the logic, of course, fails.

The company even warns clients on the website that the offer is limited due to the impossibility of effective use of this unnecessary amount of resources. Thus, it could not guarantee the input, which does not allow it (!). The check of this company probably does not allow everything, but of course it is not mentioned on the website.

In short, and the time, the danger of this society is not only due to the fact that in the leading positions of society there are people aged 34 and many. Even if the company says in advance that investing is a risky affair and they are not a bank, they also do not link deposits (but do not calmly guarantee a return of 7.8%).

The point is that, such as the diversification of funds, there can be no question that the company collects deposits from citizens in violation of the law, that in the case of termination of the contract before the expiration of the statutes with a few percent, if at all you get, and of course using the private capital for any projects is always considered a high-risk investment and that’s what the returns look like (which of course are you, not in the case of BAI).

All Property Limited: Do you want a pension from Dubai?
The company, before NB’s activities in the field of ordinary warning and which I accept deposits without the permission of the regulator, is the company All Property Ltd. (APL). It offers on its website (or in a document with grammatical errors, which appears as a prospectus) the possibility of valuing the invested funds in the amount of ten percent (more precisely 36%) and securing the entire deposit.

The basis of their very fast model is the diversification of funds into different types of assets from around the world, such as different types of securities (stocks, bonds), real estate, commodities (gold, diamonds), FOREX, etc. The argument that the possibility of increasing profit compared to the competition – to take advantage of the differences between the working days and weekends. It would certainly not occur to anyone in other large investments or brokerage companies.

The interesting thing is that the guarantee of return and security for investors is valid only until November 14, 2009 (I would be very careful about this date). The prospect of the expiration of the validity of the prospectus, as well as the possible loss of all funds under unexplained circumstances (a business-strategic reason, is indeed a precisely specified reason), of course, is attached to the prospect of the expiry of two paragraphs.

In short, the company guarantees the input and security that we can drink at any time. As the company falls under the jurisdiction of the Emirate of Dubai and however relevant information about the company is practically unavailable, any funds lost will be very difficult to enforce in the evening. The promised profits for this risk are not really worth it.


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