If you have invited a counselor to help with the tax return, you must also pay for the tax first. This year, the news is that the payment must be for this financial line last June.

From November last year, the date of the castles is tax and the day when the pensions were written to the tax administrator. If you pay the tax by transfer from here to et, you will pay it at least two days in advance. If you want to get an elephant, you’d better make the payment, for example, on June 25.

If you remember to pay the tax on June 30, you can pay directly to the next financial ad.

The advantage of the tax advisor is that the answer for any errors in the tax return. It is insured against such errors.

“The taxpayer should check whether the advisor is registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisers. Only then can I provide a deferral of tax credit until June, ”points out Tom Pacovsk from APOGEO.

Daov advisor costs and plates tisc

When you use the services of a tax advisor, you don’t have to worry about anything. The wrong bag for your requirements, from which the price depends. For a regular checked letter, pay around a thousand crowns, when a complete tax inspection will cost ten thousand crowns.

Prices for the services of a tax advisor are contractual, nor are they set for a day. “It takes me a few hours to a few hours to control the pizza. A complete tax inspection can take a week or so at a medium-sized company with a turnover of millions of K. The price is then deducted from that, ”says Pacovsk.

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