There has been a lot of talk about the financial crisis lately. And at that moment, we wonder if we are ready for it. Whether we can find some reserves, how to save. For arrest you can go through contracts and entries from t.

Bn et m tm every adult, the pension is connected half of the nation, on the building savings you can put every kind of us. And these are not the only financial products that take our pensions. We could continue, for example, with fuses, various types, etc.

Have you ever thought about the fact that some of the products are left behind? If it is closed for a long time and today the city has to take the pension of the queens, so they take them?

Hand on heart, do you know how many pensions each msc leaves on permanent orders and how much does it cost, for example, fees? And it should be enough to sit still, discuss the entries with money contracts, and find out for each of the vs there will be some reserves to save. Help could be in the test.

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