The challenge is to turn to what we can do better than our above-average or even extraordinary ability. Its strong pages, and are in any way, is therefore important to know. How to recognize them first, the advice of psychologist Jan Urban.

When we work long, the answer is to our only strengths, we are always more satisfied and satisfied, not when we are dedicated to things in which we excel. Focusing on activities in which we can apply our strengths is therefore one of the best recipes for living our lives.

It is understandable to know your weaknesses and try to eliminate them. Finding and extracting your preferences, and at work or in your personal life, the bag is important. After all, if Albert Einstein, after his haste in the French exam, focused on improving his language skills, he would be a world physicist.

Own nzor deceive me

When recognizing strengths and weaknesses, people often suffer from blindness. For weak pages, it is natural, among other things, because over time we usually remember better situations in which we have reached a hurry. In addition to their ability, people often tend to overestimate. According to psychological research, there are assumptions that, regardless of the actual situation, always overestimate the team. This concerns, for example, logical reasoning, but also the tendency to act selflessly and the ability to recognize a joke.

Therefore, if you want to know your main strengths objectively, put aside the glasses. There is no bag or reason to wear glasses. It often happens that we do not know for a long time even about his strongest abilities and even a single talent. Or we’re not entirely sure about them.

Get a look at the species

What you need to know the strong sides is a look in the mirror, which is adjusted by others. Let me know those you know all the time. How to get their perspective? Simply ask them in your preferences.

You can do this by email, but also by e-mail. In return, offer to them that if they have an interest, you can give them similar information in relation to their main strengths. The next bag is to give them the appropriate question correctly.

Don’t ask more in general, like this: Do I see the main abilities or advantages? The question formulated in this way is surprising and their answer may not be completely accurate, even and even completely understandable. It is better to give them to tell them the situation, or to give a short pbh, which describes when and how we excelled in a certain way, or in them and for them to work with them.

Once you get these ratings, you should try to find out what they have in common. You can then create a self-portrait summarizing your main strengths on the basis of the priorities that your evaluator has agreed on. It should include activities and bikes, which you perform very long or in which we are literally in our infancy.

The picture we get is often surprising. It can open or change your life. The premise is that you will not remain recognized, but you will decide to actually use them.

Who to turn to and which information to handcuff

An important prerequisite for running this method is who to contact with enough information about your preferences and which of the information you will use. If the view is to be objective, it is necessary to address ten and twenty people. It should be not only about people who have known her for some time, but also a well-known person in various areas and meeting you at various times.

The variegated man you turn to is a tusk. It should be a group that includes your acquaintances and those with whom you will meet both professionally and professionally. You can go to your family, continue with your friends, acquaintances and colleagues from work, and finally come to the people with whom you had the opportunity to deal only for a certain time.

The variety of people is important not only so that the view is presented and taken out, but also for the reason that you can practically pull it out. Even a diverse group of people will not really appreciate valuable feedback.

To know your advantages and understand the situations in which these strengths helped you, you need concrete examples. These situations will be more specific, thus revealing hitherto unknown advantages, or reminding of a situation that you do not remember.

How to get feedback

You should create a full fuller for the feedback. In other cases, obtaining the information will not help you significantly. Although they can increase their self-confidence, you can still read them better, this condition does not have to last long. You will not achieve what is the main goal of this method.

In the short term, the content of acne in the short term may be an effort to adapt to the main priorities the content of your job or to change business. In the long run, however, this one is fully intended to change the employment and business area, so that it better corresponds to your only strengths. or published a thorn, your main competitive advantage.

There is also one warning on the top. It is described by the famous year of Oscar Wilde: I do not want to know what the people behind my country want, then I would be fully convinced. In other words, if you get a very good evaluation of the foundation in the above procedure, you should not succumb to narcissism or rely on your preferences to be exposed. Even the strong pages on which we have decided to build are to be developed according to you.

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