Karen’s time is the first three days of illness when employees are not entitled to compensation. How many days will you be left without pensions if you have two employers? The lawyer Ondej Preuss and the founder of the available accessible website were responsible for this.

Recently, a lot of talk time has been discussed in connection with the formation of the government and its priorities. It is considered to be abolished. But then still pay. And some employees, more precisely who have more than one employer, are due to get them.

The term of employment for employees is the period of the first days of incapacity for work, when the employee is not entitled to compensation of wages. The purpose is to dissuade employees from the remaining incapacity for work. In the first 14 days of incapacity for work, the employee is secured by the state instead of sickness benefit by paying the salary from the employer, explains Ondej Preuss.

In practice, according to her, these are the days on which she was to work, not calendar days, so for a worker in shift work, wage compensation is not provided for the first 24 hours not worked from the shift shift. The right to the payment of wages in incapacity for work arises and from the 4th working day, in shift work from the 25th working hour of incapacity for work. Opt only for the days in which he had to do the work. Karenn time does not apply in case of quarantine.

For freelancers and persons working on a trade license, the waiting period is always thirteen days, the right to sick leave and from the 15th calendar day of permanent incapacity for work.

Two employers, twice a pension

Mr. Jana works for two different employers at the same time. The first employer has a volume of 0.6, the second 0.4. In both cases, there is an irregular distribution of working hours during the week. In the first case he works on the ground, Wednesday, bird, in the second on Monday and Thursday. He works 8 hours on all days.

In such an arrangement, the hen time is twice as inappropriate for her. They will be worn out 2 x 3 days regardless of the weight. As part of the first 14 days of illness with the first employer with 0.6 wages, only 3 days will be paid in wages, in the case of the second employer with 0.4 wages even only 1 day, explains Ondej Preuss.

If the incapacity for work arises, for example, on Monday, then the first employer will not be reimbursed on both weekdays and Thursdays, plus three days of waiting time. These are working days and are assessed for each employee separately. Jana is unable to work for work only for one employee, so it is so separated, adds the lawyer.

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