It is probable that the entry of the free bank mBank into the Czech market will reduce the client’s interest in the services of predicament. The first ones were dominated by banks with minimal fees and at the same time a high appreciation of the deposit. Let’s see what the representative thinks of this situation and what they consider at the moment to be their trump card against the banks.

Last week, the biggest evil evil in the US – Fio – announced that this year under the Czech National Bank a banking license. According to Jko Frank, the reason for this step is more. In general, the mountain rises in the reputation of vulnerable groups, the rest of the complex administration and increased costs associated with the existence of two separate entities (investment company and evil). In the continuation of the existence of crushed evils, you see much more of its further development.

Clients hear for a free bank, for me
mBank has been operating in the Czech Republic since the end of November last year and has since “collected” 60,000 tm from it.

However, you do not have to pay for most of these fees, even for a relatively long time. It is possible to use the services of crushed evils, so-called kampeliek. Even with this indisputable coincidence, the criminals still do not have such a hurry as in the Czech banking novel mBank. Thus, the problem will not be so much in the range of services as in the usually limited local range of evil and in the years past in their somewhat entrenched reputation.

Klady a zpory drustevnch zloen

+ no fees for services offered
+ vy years rates for term t
+ deposits are linked to the standard amount
+ subject to NB supervision

– the need for membership in the elephant
– payer obligation
– easily accessible information (eg from web

The only exception is the change of Fio, a devastating evil, which provides its services (from regular cash) to 59 branches in 54 cities in the republic (ie including business cities of RM-System, as) and last year received more than 3 700 new yen (80% of the client’s sweat at the end of 2006). In January of this year, the number of Fio clients, drusny zlony, increased by another 500. In addition, it will start offering its services in Slovakia, and today it is grinding its teeth on the Polish and Hungarian markets.

Don’t worry about bankruptcy in banking competition
To the question of whether the evils should be free of charge to the bank, the same answer is not. “We are not worried about the outflow of clients due to the operation of mBanka on the market, because we have a large number of conservative clients, which will not be significantly affected by advertising campaigns,” said Frantiek Novk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of 1. TZ.

“We have been on the market for 11 years and the current development has sufficiently convinced that we do not have to worry about the low tide. We will be replaced by a completely different segment of the appreciation of long-term deposits for the public, ”said Ji G. Souek from the Moravian Money Market Marketing Department for The same answers were given to him, for example, from WPB Capital, a joint-stock company, and UNIBON, a joint-stock company.

Veden bnho tu The highest years rate
Fio free of charge 3,80 %**
1.TZ free of charge 4,50 %***
UNIBON free of charge 5,20 %****
WPB 65 K/ms.* 5,50 %*****

Note: * et is only available for vrm
** tlet vklad, minimln stka 50 tis. K
(deposits 10 thousand CZK)
*** vpovdn lhta 48 ms., bez monosti
Spicy vbru
**** ATTA term deposit – from 100 thousand to 1
mil.K, lon time 18 msc
***** in P. period 5 years, deposit from 500 to 999 thous. TO
(fixed years rate)

Assessed which of the long-term deposit of the evil, looks really interesting. It is always important to meet with at least 18 months, during which you will not actually reach your disputes (at least 100 thousand crowns, but not more than 500 thousand crowns). In the light of these conditions, there are relatively more suitable bank savings, which carry a certain percentage of me, but do not limit them in any way. If you want to let your pension last for several years (which is a condition for savings in hardships), you should focus more on investing in financial products such as mutual funds.

Clients of vulnerable groups therefore have two preferences for a personal approach, they want to pay for services as little as possible and at the same time they want to have their funds in the time of recovery. This is to provide docks in today. The number of services provided to banks has also approached a lot – they run regular orders (including standing orders, SIPO, direct debits), savings and term payments, ensure complete payment system, provide credit. Some of them can thus serve those clients through internet banking and issue payment cards.

Probably existing clients will not fight the evil villains to the banks, or they will usually use it free of charge and use their financial services to suit them. Kampelics are sure to reach out to new clients, but their boom cannot be expected. They will remain a more specific alternative to bank services.

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