If you have less than 300 crowns in your pension supplement since January, you will not receive a penny from the state. 1.4 million people are now depleted of this contribution. Experts recommend a small number of mothers so that the retirement savings in the third drink can make sense and, with the help of the ninth, will bring more.

One of the reasons why some people did not contribute to the necessary minimum of 300 crowns to get at least 90 crowns from the state is simple. Finann can’t afford it. “According to us, this is only a minimum of those who drank for the contribution. In general, the people with him are very looking for all the possibilities to get a stint and they are very thorough about it, ”k Karel Svoboda, President of the Association of Pension Funds R.

This is mainly due to the typical breeding, because many people have not yet realized that the new rules apply from January. Even though the media company itself has repeatedly pointed this out. “Most of the time, these people set the order to 100 or 200 crowns and they forgot about it twice. I will realize this and at the end of 2014, when they will receive an entry for this year and they will notice that they do not have any contributions. The priority of the Association is to warn clients to invite their contributions and not to lose their support, ”to Karel Svoboda.

And msnho sttnho pspvku and III. battery (vK)
Msn loka1002003004005006007008009001000
Sttn pspvek0090110130150170190210230

A message was sent to you

And how to proceed so that you do not deprive yourself of the contribution of sttu? Just outside the permanent order is not enough. “Notification of changes in the post must be sent in writing with your own signature either on a form that can be downloaded from the website, or it can be written in free form. The decision must always state the form of the contract or at least the national word, ”explains Dagmar Koutsk from the Allianz pension company.

At the same time, you have to take into account the fact that the change will take effect on the first day of the month following, when enough will pass the applicable pension company. Take good advice from practice: “If the change is made in the first half of the calendar month, it will apply from the following. When you announce the change at the end of the month, then note that it will not take effect from the pesptho. Then set the change in the permanent order accordingly, ”advises Koutsk.

AXA, ING, Penzijn spolenost esk spoitelny and Penzijn spolecnost esk pojiovny can also change their contribution via the Internet. Clients of the former Generali pension fund, which merged into Penzijné společnosti esk pojiovny (PSP) in the middle of this year, can make the change online, as it can be used by all PSP services.

Optimize your tax lion

In case I can afford to save more, there is not a minimum of 300 crowns to achieve the main contribution, so be confident that this year the conditions for the possibility of tax levies have been tightened. In order to dream of this deposit, you must save at least 1,001 crowns msn. In this case, you can then reduce your tax base by 12 crowns, ie for each MSC by one crown. The 15 percent income tax is then paid only one crown and eight hundred halls per year (15 percent of 12 crowns = 1.80 crowns).

Treasures that can be obtained by the levy on income tax (data in K)
Msn lokaSnen daovho zkladu o:Daov left
1 00000
1 001121,80
1 5006 000900
2 00012 0001 800
2 001 a vce12 0001 800
source: propoet Association of Pension Funds

If you deposit 2,000 crowns, you can leave 12,000 crowns from the tax base, which is the maximum amount. A reduction of 12,000 crowns in the foundation then means that 1,800 crowns at a given price (15 percent of 12,000 crowns = 1,800 crowns). When you start, take care of the fact that the left is not called.

Oznmen o zven pspvku a zhodnocen vklad
Pension companyOznmen/on-lineReviewed for 2012
AEGON PSsthnte si oznmen2,21
Alliance PSsthnte si oznmen1,85
Axanaven lzei on-line1,23
PS esk spoitelnynaven can also be online1,63
UNDER PSsthnte si oznmen1,84
ING PSnaven can also be online1,75
KB PSsthnte si oznmen1,58
PS esk pojiovnynaven can also be online2,2
General (PSP)naven can also be online1,2
source: web pages of pension companies

About five million people now drank their pension in the form of a supplementary pension scheme, and the average age is 531 crowns. “People save the best ones just before the retirement. Men aged 60 and 64 save around 764 crowns and women aged 55 and 59 average 734 crowns. On the other hand, the least young people at the age of 18 and 19, at least 234 and 225 crowns, retire, ”concludes Jan Sedlek from the Association of Pension Funds.

Do we have a pension set up optimally so that you get a large contribution and a tax levy?

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