Two seemingly equal options for buying an apartment have a major impact on the payment of taxes. If you buy a rough apartment, not only is its price often less than for personal ownership, but you do not pay almost a day.

Drustevn’s residence has not disappeared yet, and probably will not. Many people are confused and personal property. This is basically two completely different relationships. The big difference is in the tax paid and in the price of the apartment. The price of a small apartment is usually 10%, not the sale of this apartment in personal ownership.

Distressed ownership is basically a subtle relationship. The owner of the first to the apartment has a lot (he is the owner of the whole apartment building divided into many apartments) and he has concluded a soft contract with individual citizens. When buying a crushed apartment, it is a matter of transferring the first members to the inside of the apartment.

In the cadastre, the owner of each apartment in the house is drustvo

When looking into the real estate cadastre, where each of these flats must be kept, find out that the owner of a particular flat is a jerk, not a hunter or a family living in an apartment. If there is a sale of a small apartment, the owner of the apartment does not change in any way (he is still a small person), but only there is a change on the part of the tenant. Drustvo as the owner of the apartment can block the transfer of fine items. But there is no reason for that.

The transfer of the members of the first to the crumbly apartment will take place in the form of custody. This will incur administrative fees for the transfer, but the main amount goes between the former member of the cooperative with the first to the inside of the apartment and the new member of the cooperative.

Real estate tax vs not interested

As for these tax obligations, the transfer of members from one member of the country to another does not change the ownership of the apartment. Darkness is down to goodness. It follows that even a new member of the company does not have to pay real estate tax.

Nor does real estate vs vs have to suffer. The fee for this tax is in the vast majority of cases of property owners, which is still property. This is not the case with the transfer of invitations to the apartment first, and thus none of the commodities result in days of duty.

The only tax you have to pay is the income tax

When you sell a crushed apartment, or first on its inside, you have to pay income tax. The sale of first-class members is inherently subject to taxes. Pesto from n can be liberated. You can do this in the following two cases:

  • If the period between the sale and acquisition of lensk first exceeded the five-year period.
  • If you use the pension from the sale of members first to secure your own home. You must do so within one year of receiving the sale. You do not have to report this event to the financial authorities, but they are prepared to be able to return the necessary documents.

If you do not reach the exemption, you must file a tax return and income from the sale of members to tax first. In most cases, the sale price will not be higher. You also get from the sale of the apartment and you have to pay income tax from these pensions. If someone bought the first dr, not sold it, I’ll get lost. The length of the tax base will therefore be zero.

If someone relied on the ignorance of the financial advice about the sale of members’ shares, it would not pay off. Finann series can issue from the drustev records of the movement of members first. Thanks to this, it is easy to find out who was obliged to pay the tax.

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