In the Czech Republic, the first year of pension reform is being finalized, the interest in the type of saw is still small. The only thing is that it is being extended until you retire and it will be longer, it is a fact. The problem of how to secure yourself on st, not just esk. How did they fight with them elsewhere?

At present, the retirement in the Czech Republic of people around the age of 62, which is a year less than the average in OECD countries. The Czech Republic fulfills a significant increase in the retirement age and gradually unifies the conditions for men and women, which will occur in 2041 for pensions aged 66 and 8 months.

We are not the only ones in the full limits of retirement. In 2040, 67-year-olds will also retire in Australia, Denmark, the USA and Great Britain. They are a country that can be kept constant at retirement age, such as the Netherlands. In the future, France will be one of the countries with the lowest age limit.

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The problem of the Czech Republic is, unlike many developed countries, in the high dependence of pensioners in the state pension doors. “The OECD survey states that the Czech Republic accounts for 99.3 percent of total pension income. In contrast, in the Netherlands, which is often cited as an example of a pension system that has been in place for the time being, half of the income comes from the pensioner’s own pocket, ”points out Josef Bene, CEO of Raiffeisen Pension Company. The average in OECD countries is private resources in income 19.5 percent of the total income of pensioners.


So the question is whether the future will be such a high pension in the future that we can get to know how. If we look at the development of the paid pension in the last two decades in the Czech Republic, at first glance it seems to be growing. Along with rising pensions, the phenomenon must take weight and inflation. In fact, the pension is reduced. The President of the Association of Pension Funds, Karel Svoboda, thinks that in the age of 35, even half of the state will be retired from the state, not here (more here).

The unfavorable development of income is also pointed out by the calculator of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, with the help of which you can find out about a year in your income. More in the line We consumed the income of the pension…

Pklad: If you had him, he would receive msn 24061 crowns, which is the average wage in the Czech Republic, and you would retire this year, he would retire from the state according to ministerial calculations11264 crowns msn.

If you retire in ten years, sn will pay 10314 crowns.
Today, the weekly will be retired in 2040 and at current prices it will receive a pension of 8,133 crowns.

Those who were born after the revolution, ie after 1989, have the worst prospects for their previous pension pensions in the amount of only 6,346 crowns.

Druh drank in Europe

The pension system has all developed in the world. The so-called type of saw also plays a significant role in pension policy. It is even compulsory in some states (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland or widows). It is optional, but still widely used, in the USA, Great Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

In recent years, Mercer’s first and Dutch systems have been identified by Mercer’s studies as the most efficient and unsustainable pension systems in the world.

In the Netherlands, the retirement age is set at 65 years, with his further retirement not required. The first role in the pension system has the first type of saw. The main role in it is played by disputes between employees and the contributions of their employer, who supports them with various tax benefits.

The result is 96 percent more than a drink. The extent to which the employer has agreed on the pension savings of its employees depends on collective bargaining. The employer’s contributions to the second sawmill are usually between ten percent and 10 percent of the gross salary, the employees themselves will save the sawmill for the second time and seven percent of their salary.

The Dutch can then come up with a pension of about one hundred percent of past income, less than half of your number from the state, and then disputes from the second sawmill.

In the Czech Republic, the income is negligible

Even in the Czech Republic, the state has introduced a kind of sawmill since January. The original estimates were half a million by the end of June.

“One of the problems was the awareness of the citizen. Exceptions are not clients who have not heard of the pension reform at all and are at least aware of the mandatory contributions from wages to the pension system. The second factor is the fear of a future functioning saw in the event that the opposition comes to power, ”explains echJosef Bene.

His words were also confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by Ipsos for Partners. For example, barely a tenth of those here, as the contributions to the first sawmill, from which the current pensioners are paid, are given, 44% stated the wrong answer, and 48% stated completely net how high these contributions are.

Graph: V

According to an investment analyst from Partners Alee Tmy, even this ignorance will influence me in deciding to enter the second sawmill. “People hear more than three percent, but because they don’t know why they should be affected, they may first evaluate the suitability of the connection in the second saw,” the analyst believes.

And the reason why the type of saw is ignored is more. Participants in the survey for Partners chose as the most common reason not to join a “national” fund. About a quarter of them retire elsewhere.

Graph: From how

“Fears of nationality are completely different, and if the Czech Republic was in such a situation that it was forced to take this step, how much would it be able to pay in the first place?” The general director of Partners Petr Borkovec dispels the fears and adds that the payments to the second sawmill are at least in the Czech Republic compared to the payments in the surrounding countries, and even there there was only a reduction in payments.

“We think that the form of the reform is irregular and we could certainly imagine it better, but it is an arrest and at least the first step to the rise of funds that fall into the black dry state, and to save them on your own here. I firmly think that investing those five percent in the fund of a strong supranational financial institution is certainly not certain in the Czech state, ”added Petr Borkovec.

Did you know that the type of drink in Czech lasted?

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According to experts and poor communication in the explanatory pension reform by the state and a complicated process for the registration of consultants (difficulties and certification pathways) contribute to the negative mood in the company.

Even a certified consultant does not always have to give perfect advice, it is always good to rely on your reason and a definite decision not to rush (ask for one removable example). How are the pros and cons of the second saw can be found here. When you buy a new refrigerator, you do not go to the first store, but you make a thorough selection in advance. And this is a refrigerator appliance with a lifespan of about ten years, in the second sawmill, if the government did not give it, you subscribe forever.

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