The ads for entering the second saw increase in intensity. This is the term by which people over the age of 35 can enter the system. Although more contracts have been concluded recently, there are still far fewer of them than the reformers imagined.

The interest in the type of saw is almost diminishing. According to Petr Brousil, a spokesman for the Pension Company of the Czech Insurance Company, for five months this year, 47 392 people concluded a contract. Although much higher than in previous months, further growth, as shown by the Swiss Life pension barometer, cannot be expected under the current conditions.

If you don’t understand much about the principle of connecting in the second saw, read the eight basic explanations.

How are the differences between the pili pension reforms?

I. pil = prbn systm. Everyone who earns money is obligatory to contribute to it.

II. pil = retirement savings, a new voluntary system, when you sign up for it, becomes mandatory. The principle is that I exchange contributions to social security, but you will have to contribute from your own.

III. pil = supplementary pension savings, two pension connections. A lot of your choice, get a contribution and there are many disputes. It is possible to terminate before the conditions are met, but in that case you will lose the benefits.

Can an entrepreneur also arrange a second saw?

Yes, it will be a bit more complicated than the employees, who will take care of the calculation and payments of the employer. The OSV will pay the payment from the annual exchange of funds for social security, which is at least 50 percent of the tax base from self-employment.

The entrepreneur will send the payment to the second sawmill once a year for the first financial report.

Is June 30 really the last date? What if I’m 36, but I’m on parental?

The type of saw can be arranged by people between 18 and 35 years of age. May as until June 30, 2013. Although there is speculation about the monm extended, nothing is certain yet.

It is a little different with people over 35 years of age who do not now have taxable income (unemployed, parental). Have this for your time, incl. They have to decide within six months from the moment when they will have taxable income again.

I saw in the ads that I would get 1,500 crowns from the sttu to deposit 1,000 crowns, is that true?

In short, this is the case. The city of 28 percent of the gross wage, which is paid by the employer to the regular system, will be paid only 25 percent, three percent of which will go to the individual account. The condition is that you add two percent of your gross salary (so you eat the same salary).

so you do not determine the amount yourself, it is sweaty on the basis of your income. With an average salary of 24,061 crowns, it is 481 crowns out of the + 721 crowns that you have sent to the state so far.

What happens when I enter the second sawmill but then lose my job? Will I have to pay from my own?

The obligation to pay the saw for the second time is due to the paid activity. Anyone who loses their job does not have a self-employed activity and the obligation to pay insurance premiums is automatically waived. After gaining employment, it is automatically renewed (termination and commencement of employment reported by the employer).

It is similar in the case of maternity or parental leave, when the obligation to pay for renewal and after gaining employment.

Is it true that the people who enter the second sawmill will have a lower pension?

Entitlements to invalidity, widows ‘and survivors’ pensions will remain the same as for those who did not enter the second sawmill. The preservation will also be in the basic amount of the old-age pension (today it is 2,330 crowns). The percentage of the old-age pension, which is derived from the debt, will be reduced, not more than 15 percent (this applies to those who enter the second sawmill in about 20 years). m star hunter enter, tm ni will be crippled.

How will the pensions from II. industry?

The client chooses one of the options for the paid pension and at the time when there will be data on the pension.

  • Lifetime pension, when after the death of the recipient the payment ends. It can be in those years or in the next 30 years.
  • Life pension with survivor’s pension for three years. This means that in the event of a dead pensioner, he has been paid a survivor’s pension in the same place for three years. The sweat in this way will be slightly less than the first option.
  • Rent for at least 20 years. If the recipient dies during the pumping, the payment continues for the rest of the time in the form of a survivor’s pension in the same place.

Can the contract be canceled within the first eight weeks?

No, you can only change your signature on the contract until the document is registered in the Central Register of Contracts (the term is unspecified, badly on how the processes in financial institutions and in the register itself will work). You don’t have to change your mind later. On the contrary, when the term expires, as long as you have the opportunity to conclude the contract, the option will not enter the system.

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