The ability to awaken the court is one of the most important prerequisites for personal privacy. It forms a social chapter that facilitates relationships with others, regardless of the nature and area of ​​operation. Therefore, do not know how to send the yard that we will build in the area. How to do it, advice from psychologist Jan Urban.

When we are two-sided for the species, it is probable that they will come out, come up with an idea, accept the offer and meet the requirements. They may even see us as capable.

If we are not two-sided in all other people, then it is very likely that they will not have a relationship with them. They will not live and will be afraid that they will have to check on them often.

The tendency to act with others is often known to different people, and is influenced by their character traits or personal experiences. we often blame ourselves for our lack of credibility. And so on the way, in the second case, we can increase our dignity. Let’s follow a few simple rules.

1.Look for similar features

It is known from psychology and everyday life that our credibility is strengthened if the other side believes that we will be similar in certain respects. If ns, on the other hand, as someone who is different from n, m tends to be mn.

Therefore, one of the most common ways to increase your credibility is to try to find as many features as possible that we have in common with the other party, and this is revealed at the end of a relationship. The example can be the same promises, similar experiences and common knowledge. More similar features can be found, we usually become the most credible for the other side. Zsk feeling that n ns zn, and ns doesn’t have to worry.

Of course, similar traits and personal experience can be demonstrated. This often happens in business in an effort to get the yard of the customer. This practice bag cannot be recommended. Bv transparent and I am quick to lose any door or sympathy. It is far more appropriate to look for common features.

2.Listen and make it clear

Help to get the yard if we listen to the kind of parties and I am interested in her and her opinions. It is best that, in addition to listening, we also ask questions about what is important to her. In addition, they should be open, ie those that require a response. It is appropriate to repeat and summarize the shared type of party during the interview, both to show that we listened carefully and that we really understood what to do.

In business contacts, for the same reason, it is a good habit to send the other party by e-mail after a mutual meeting or a long telephone conversation, which will repeat the one according to one. Let us remember to make it easier for us to remember what we have been talking about in the future

3.Don’t promise things you can’t keep

The most common circumstance that reduces our credibility is unfulfilled promises. Sometimes even small promises that we made, we would not even fully realize, or which we forgot.

The prerequisite for getting the door closed is therefore a word. This is especially true in business relationships, where the other party has our (in) ability to keep the bonds very sensitive in him and often wants it as dishonesty.

Therefore, if we do not want to lose the court, then we would not have to make promises, we are not sure of their fulfillment. If we have said the bag and the volume, you have to keep it, even at the cost of external forces. It is equally important not to change their views and opinions and not to act contrary to what we are doing.

4.Nezakrvejte problem

Problems both arise unexpectedly and without our piinn. For example, because someone we relied on ourselves did not complete their rounds. If we do not want to lose the court in this situation, we should openly inform the kind of parties. So do not pretend to be in the horseshoe, but at the same time clearly show a determined problem to solve.

In addition, you need to be informed about the problem as soon as possible, even if we are still not entirely sure about the way in which it is. We should not hope that we will disappear from each other. Nor do you think that informing about it is appropriate and when we have done it or about it is clear.

The other side of the problem blames not only on our readiness to talk about it, but also as a murder of helplessness. I can also take care of the problem. On the contrary, openly alerted to the problem. It pays especially where he wants to cover up the facts, we could spend.

5.Bute available, communicate in person

Our credibility is supported, if we are available to the other party, we maintain regular contact with us and act personally, not through others. We make it clear that we are interested in the relationship and cooperation, we are actively involved and we are the first person for her.

The subject of communication may be the long-term results we have achieved, the procedure in the case, the following steps, but also the circumstances and information. often it is not so much the content of our message, but an expression of the attention we pay to things.

6.Go yes

The court is usually called out by people who two reveal themselves to themselves. Nikolith, that they tended to be mistaken, were more sovereign or above the species.

Two-sidedness becomes that they are decisive, proceed with clevdom and two reveal how they are in the form of what and how they do, actually in. Their dignity also supports the fact that they are willing to learn new things and are able to both of them would not endanger their self-confidence.

7.Bute loajln

An important prerequisite for credibility is loyalty to those with whom we have relationships. Its manifestation is the tendency to thrive their images, not only in their presence, but especially when they are not present. So do not slander them, do not talk about them or even reveal their secrets.

If a person is one witness to this, it is very likely that there will be a reversal that similarly one will expect us from us, whenever he speaks behind their walls. If he doesn’t live up to loyalty, he will most likely reconsider his relationship with them. Let’s lose her yard.

8.Keep emotions under control

Twisting people, their emotions often change, or be afraid too fast, is often difficult. Therefore, in two cases, we increase our doubleness, when we are able to dampen our emotions (and their external manifestations). We will thus become predictable and reliable.

I do not mean, of course, that we should not express emotions at all. They should be in line with the situation and should not give the impression that we owe them more, it is not healthy. For example, we should not be angry if someone makes a small mistake, or be insecure if someone criticizes us.

To reduce the emotion, let’s deepen the light. Firstly, because it cools down, and secondly, because we divert attention from the situation that evokes emotions in us. The remaining manifestations of emotions include, for example, the two showing our anger (for example, seven fists) and those who signal a lack of interest in what someone is.

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