People often think about whether to buy an electronic or electronic card. If you know exactly what you want from your future card, you’re in full swing. Remove the bag at a time.

The usability of embossed cards is ir
At the end of last year, 7.9 million payment cards were issued in the Czech Republic, of which 7.5 million are VISA or MasterCard. Of this number of cards, 5.8 million are electronic and only 1.7 million are embossed.

The operator, who are able to provide cashless castle goods and services with the help of a payment card, is over 53 thousand. The dark five of them are equipped with only an imprinter (so-called ehlik or mechanical sensor), and there are only one embossed card holder available.

Although in the above it seems that the large number of traders and their transactions is based on the imprinter (not on online technology), it is mainly in the area where you spend your pension.

In all stores and at petrol stations, you do not meet with imprinters in the dark, they are printed by so-called POS terminals and online transactions. This fact should play a significant role in your decision-making.

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Select the card according to your specific needs
When choosing a card, it is important that the selected type is based on your financial needs. If you do not withdraw from ATMs and payments at the store, you do not want to shop online and do not want to travel around Europe for longer, then choose an electronic card.

Can mediate what you need, with them the cost of keeping cards (approx. 200-300 K per year) and in case of loss also stolen with the fee for blocking it (approx. 300 K). Electronic cards are typical for students and seniors.

The situation is completely different in case you often travel outside the old continent and shop online and by phone. Then make sure you prefer embossed cards.

On these cards can be given each other services. You travel insurance, insurance loss cards, intermediary financial assistance abroad, etc.

For these benefits, however, you have to pay the bank, the cards are expensive (from 400 K per year) and the bank will pay the fee even if it is blocked or stoplisting, usually around 500 K.

Avoid darkness, keep cards dv abroad
MasterCard has more than 25 million (worldwide, seven million in Europe) accepted cities in the world, and VISA has more than 28 million.

According to these rules, the holder of a payment card should not be afraid to travel around Europe only with an electronic card in his pocket. However, according to Jan arnho from MasterCard Europe, cardholders of this association are advised to take both electronic and embossed cards with them abroad.

Jana Lvov from VISA Europe claims that all Visa cards (electronically and embossed) issued in the Czech Republic are easy to handle abroad.

In general, I can recommend an embossed card for reservations and payments in hotels, car rentals, but also for purchases over the Internet and by phone. Other merchants accept both types of payment cards.

To summarize, it is best to carry cards from two different card associations (eg Visa and MasterCard) abroad. When traveling outside of Europe, prefer embossed cards. On the contrary, you should be able to deal with electronics in Europe.

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Problmy mete mt v Polsku and on Kub
We contacted domestic banking houses with a question about how the payment card holder can wait abroad.

According to the information esk spoitelny, there is no problem with the acceptance of electronic cards (Visa Electron, Maestro) in Croatia, where you can pay for a purchase in a store and at the same time withdraw cash from an ATM. However, the bank draws attention to the payment of debts on debts. In some cities there is only an embossed card.

Clients of BAWAG Bank, especially in Poland, also encounter problems in accepting cards provided with ip. Then in most cases the case is “only” related to the inexperience of operating the accepted terminals.

SOB information relates to our other neighbors, specifically Austria. There are now ATM withdrawals limited to EUR 400 per day, regardless of the card limit and the balance available to the client. This applies to all payment cards.

Volksbank clients have again warned their bank that they often encounter the problem of “malfunctioning” payment cards in Cuba. Bank advisers therefore advise them to take sufficient cash. The holder of payment cards of American banks has a similar problem with the acceptance of cards in Cuba.

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