Employees spend 65 minutes a day on their pots and cell phones. Prepare the employer’s kadoron for one MSc work. Most often look at social networks, then first, private online communication and shopping.

On the fact that the employee bought online or had fun with a friend, the employer spent about 192 crowns a day (sweated according to the average gross monthly wage at the end of 2017). And with the analysis of the truconneXion company, it only engages in extracurricular activities on company computers and mobile phones. The company has been collecting data for nine years, focusing mainly on the administrative profession, where computer technology is a daily working tool.

The inexperienced activity has shifted to smartphones that do everything they can, but they are stuck in front of them. The electronic cost of the company costs CZK 3,995 per employee, which represents CZK 47,994, sums up the results of the analysis by Martin Hnzdil from truconneXion.

On average, each administrative employee took more than one paid holiday without the employer’s permission. The lost employer is increasing the cadon by more than 10 percent, mainly due to rising wages, but also in relation to the people on mobile phones.

Most people abuse their jobs on social networks, news portals, private communications and shopping. It is also evident that people are on the social bed and need to be constantly online, adds Martin Hnzdil.

Staen music can be monitored, the content of the communication is only exempt

Monitoring of employees is possible even after the start of legislation on personal data protection (GDPR), if there is a clear interest. Companies now have to think about the darkness, if they interfere with private employees more, not you. For example, secure data or control of the use of company resources will remain the first name of the employer.

It is therefore possible to monitor how applications and file types are used by employees on the computer. It is also possible to monitor the use of office applications and printers to find out how they are used.

The content of the file, such as text documents and e-mail, would be much more defensible. This would be a known intervention in private employees, which is not necessary in terms of prevention. Exceptions are drainage inspections, for example, to prevent misuse of sweat, about the possibility of their employees should be an informational example of company guidelines, concludes the expert on personal data protection Martin Vobornk from the law firm Vobornk Nigrini Kipiel.

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