Sometimes you don’t have to pay your income tax and apply for a discount. For example, a well-groomed wife can earn me a maximum of 68 thousand crowns a year. If I don’t eat this drink, Manel will apply for a tax rebate. Pinme tyi models treasures in addition to income taxes for students, retirees and those who want to live.

Working student

Dagmae is 24 years old and studied all year 2009 in combined form at the university. While studying, she also worked as an assistant to the editor, and had an employment contract. Will you leave me with a student discount?

According to the law, a combined study student also has a discount for a student if he or she fulfills the condition that he or she is constantly preparing for future study permission or prescribed training, and is not more than 26 years old.

When he signs an “Income tax payer due to vertical activities and functional benefits” and at the same time confirms his / her university studies, he / she will have a lower income tax and does not have to worry about anything or give a tax return. One 4,020 crowns.

Health and social insurance from wages is a meeting of the employer, Dagmar does not have the opportunity to dream in one day.

Tip: Students who stay on a brigd only have an education on holidays for the entire year (4,020 crowns). In order to apply for it, they must file a tax return themselves or sign a “Declaration of Fee…” and file the employer for a tax return.

Apartment for sale and house purchase

In June 2008, Petr and Anna bought an apartment for 800 thousand crowns, in which they moved. In August 2009, the apartment was sold for 900 thousand crowns. Want to go this year (2010) to buy dm.

Because Anna and Petr sold the apartment two or five years after they bought it (or two years after living in it), they must report the proceeds to the financial office. It is best to take it, the administrator will give it under a written file.

If the pensioner actually invests in housing (by the end of 2010), the income from the sale of the apartment will be exempt from taxes. You don’t have to do anything about it, just keep your proof of purchase and sale for a possible check of the financial series.

If they did not share a new home, they must include the income from the sale of the apartment in the taxable income for 2010. Then the sale price would be 900 thousand crowns as income (in the column other income § 10). for repairs.

Tip: Exemption from income tax can also be applied if you used the amount corresponding to the income from sales to procure housing needs within one year before receiving it.

Source: We were inspired by the insights from the book Daov Tips and Tricks for Individuals 2009 on How to Earn Tax on Income Tax by Petr Valouch, published by Grada Publishing in 2010.

Retired business

Mr. František is an old-age pensioner, his pension is 10 thousand crowns. Pivydlv read articles for magazines and also wrote a book. His honors were a total of 140 thousand crowns last year. Do I have to pay for these pensions and take the tax away?

Frantik’s annual pension does not exceed the limit of 288 thousand crowns, so it does not have to be admitted and taxed.

Piznat vak mus sv honore. They fit them to the income according to paragraph 7 in Appendix 1. Here I can apply the data. Either skuten or vyut paulu. František actually had the minimum expenses, for spending money, toner on the printer and then spending five thousand crowns. Suitable for it will be a half of 60 percent (income according to special regulations), in addition, in this case will not have to prove the individual routes.

Finally, you receive a discount on the fee from the extinguished tax, which can also be claimed by pensioners from 2008 onwards.

zklad day: 140 000 – (140 000 x 60 %) = 56 000
gives: 56 000 x 15 % = 8 400
yes after the payment: 8 400 -24 840… da will not apply

Tip: Honore you don’t have to pay up to seven thousand crowns per month from one tax payer, he automatically pays 15 percent for the money.

Vyivovan manelka

Petr had a gross income of 240 thousand crowns last year. His wife Klra is in the household and receives a disability pension for five thousand crowns. On agreement, she earned six thousand crowns. Did Petr give me a discount on his deputy wife?

The condition for deducting the discount on the dependent wife is that Klra has no income of more than 68 thousand crowns during the year.

What to sweat in pjm: income from employment, contract work, sickness, maternity, retirement, alimony.

What not to do in pjm: two main social support and social care, contribution to pi, social services, two helps in material need, scholarship for students who are constantly preparing for the future holiday.

Pjmy wedges: (5 000 x 12) + 6 000 = 66 000
Petrv zklad dan: 321 600 from: 321 600 x 15% = 48 240
yes after: 48 240 – 24 840 – 24 840… da will not apply

Tip: Apply for a discount on the formula “Loss of fee…”, which you sign in the wage thorn. You must prove the identity of the spouse, it is not even a mistake to declare income up to 68 thousand crowns a year.

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