We have often seen super offers in the past that promised huge returns, all without risk. Many investors were let down by this offer, they saved their pensions, for example. to the campelic. For a while they wondered if they drank about their pension. This is how many, many incentives for simple and fairy tales of wealth work.

When you see such an offer, you will remember the economic conclusion about the relationship between input and risk. If we want to achieve a good return, we must also take the risk. According to this rule, capital markets work and thus catch funds. Trying to demand this rule will be a disaster.

If you invest in open-end mutual funds of large and established investment companies, you are protected from this risk and you do not have to worry about fraudulent fraud and the fund going bankrupt. There are only exceptions to the input and risk rule. These are products that have support. Therefore, e.g. the building joint can offer interesting input with minimal risk.

Do not type undervalued assets

Mon you have met nkm who k: The dollar has fallen, so it is good to invest in it. He drills back to his level. Or have you heard of someone else to: The dollar will fall, so I will invest in the euro. The dollar will fall. If you consider yourself an investment layman, don’t guess where the dollar will go, where the price of oil will go, or whether they will issue more Japanese or American shares. Experts, then lay people, were also involved in these questions.

There are even some studies on whether it can be reliably predicted what will happen in the market. Although some economic indicators can be estimated in advance, this information is twofold in market prices. Before the meeting of the central bank, you can expect whether the rates will move or not. Only this effect is in the prices of the bond and the action is twofold. Therefore, dreaming of years of rates often with the price of the bond did not give you anything at all. Prices will move if the bank does something the market did not expect. You are badly called, not expected.

As soon as you need to place a pension and as soon as you think about how many pensions should be in shares and bonds, buy. Find a suitable fund that contains mono shares from around the world. In the event of an accident, stock funds investing in specialized stock positions are selected for the hiring investor. It is best to throw funds that invest in action around the world, in all fields.

For the most expensive investor, it is easiest to buy the portfolio he needs. It is not over whether it is a good time to enter the stock or bond market, whether it is better to buy shares of European or American companies. The simplest is when to buy as soon as possible.

If you like it, you can place a pension, for example. to the action of the Czech Republic and our neighbors who recently joined the European Union. It is possible that this market will be evaluated. This investment measures your risk in investing in the developed market. In the case of a bond, it is good to choose bonds that are in the house of me. It is not appropriate to speculate on whether the koruna will weaken the euro and invest in foreign bonds. As in the case of the event, it is possible to place the pension in the Central European region. There are returns and risks in these markets. In any case, find out how much money you want to invest in this way.

What share funds can you invest in?

Buy on the rise, sales on the decline

The decline in investment is perfectly normal. When investing, you have to take into account that the value of the investment will fluctuate and it is perfectly normal that it will decrease. It may happen that you invest 100,000 K in a bond fund and for msc the value of the investment is only 99,000 K. We should not mind, because we invest for a long time. The investment has enough time to make a profit.

The previous thanks will probably come as a matter of course and logical. Only a breeding investor is different. Investors behave according to historical performance according to how the fund has been doing in the last period. Investments are decided according to the past performance of the fund. When the fund has been successful in the last 6 months, clients buy. At the end of 2001 and at the end of 2002, the fund succeeded. Resp. for the last 6 msc ml well evaluated. At this point, the clients were shopping. In the middle of 2002, the fund was valued for the last 6 months, the clients of the fund continued to buy. Resp. the volume of repurchases is equal to the volume of repurchases.

In the most valuable fund

Some investors follow a very simple procedure: They take the newspaper, find the fund that has issued the most in the last year or 1 year, and buy this fund. Think they bought the best fund. What did they actually buy? Nothing, not the best fund in the last year. The experience is such that it often does not happen again. In the case of equity funds, the one who has a special exchange of Central European shares, oil companies, and technology companies will also win because the fund will win because this particular segment has been very successful for a long time.

A fund that invests in action around the world and in all industries will never be involved. It will be somewhere. Funds are again interchanged between losers because their segment has not been able to do so. Similarly, in the bond fund segment, a fund that invests in Central European bonds, which are risky, may be included. Sometimes they give up and are at the top of the ebek, other times they can’t and occupy the lower floors.

And in the case of balanced funds, performance is also affected by how many shares and how many bonds they have in their portfolios. When it comes to stocks, win funds in the portfolio in ebc funds with a high share. When stocks fall, the same funds are on the lower floors.

We should invest primarily according to the type of fund we need. How many shares do we need in the fund exchange, how many shares should the fund have in the portfolio and in which bonds do we want to invest. This is the main criterion when choosing an investment. And only then can we select a specific fund and take into account the return. But we must compare comparably. That is, those funds that operate in similar markets. Nkte investoi even pebhaj among the funds according to which issued the most. In this type of investment, we must go in addition to the entry fees to the fund. in the middle of the competitive peloton.

ryvek from the book: Investovn pro zatenky

Length 1: Basic question: for I want to invest
2. dl: How do you want input?
3. dl: Do you want maximum profit?
4. dl: How much can your investments sell?
5. dl: What to do when your investment declines
6. dl: m del time, tm you risk can be taken
7. dl: We can invest in it
8. dl: Are you a conservative investor or an aggressive player?
9. dl: For whom the (non) hour pension is connected
Length 10: How much did the life insurance pay


ryvek is from the book
“Investovn pro ztenky”
vydan nakladatelstvm
City Publishing,
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