Spoit on st turns out to be a necessity. It is not possible to rely only on sttn pension. Stt wants to support people’s long-term investment disputes. Will this newly prepared project be suitable for people? And in what will it be different from the existing possibility to save for retirement? Above that, he fell in the commentary Ale Poklop, f Association of Pension Companies.

The government is preparing a long-term investment. My product, which the people have to provide for themselves, because the same government has not been able to provide them with a decent old-age pension even in the second term and with several years of economic growth. Nhrad’s ratio is still shameful in our country, it does not reach even 50 percent. This means that by entering retirement, your income will change on average to less than half.

A new product called long-term investments can operate within the capital market on the principle of risky investment at the cost of tax levies. Only the first tax levies are, as confirmed by the Minister of Finance Alena Schillerov, exactly the same as with her existing pension. According to them, the agreement may be that it is an investment-type product that can invest in assets with a potential appreciation (shares, bonds and mutual funds).

Opt we don’t have to go far. With a pension, in particular with a supplementary pension savings, the pension is provided for a very long time with three and a half million people, because in it they can do exactly two things. So choose how to evaluate your pension. Shares, which mean the highest return, but also a small amount of risk, can be found in dynamic funds, the golden medium way out of the fund is the mix of shares and bonds. And the bonds themselves, which are relatively risk-free, but so least profitable, can be found in conservative funds.

The saved pension is possible between individual types of funds (the result of the investment will correspond to this setting) and eight pension companies associated in the association mean in the supplementary pension fund the offer of 31 different contributions, and thus different investment funds. According to their long-term results, it is easy to deduce how it will pay off and, if necessary, whether to join another fund, a competing pension company, or add or deduct shares or bonds.

So let’s try to find advantages compared to the pension elsewhere. A new number of long-term investments must have its shareholder for the fulfillment of the condition for at least five years, as well as a pension. And choose me at the age of 60 at the earliest. Opt identical condition. However, the pension carries with it a major advantage, you can also draw from it as an insurance policy in a situation where several years before entering the old-age pension you do not find a job at the market or you do not have to work simply (for medical reasons).

Even with the contribution of the employer and long-term investments, the pension company does not advance. For both products, the company can contribute to corporate benefits.

that you would be the main advantage compared to pension savings, and therefore a suitable central contribution? The pension is a maximum of 230 K msn. No, even here we do not find the sought reason to choose a number of long-term investments for the city of pension savings. This parliament-approved novelty does not offer this contribution at all.

Minor recapitulation and explanation. In the supplementary pension savings, sometimes called the new pension, you will save for 35 years and choose a dynamic fund. This pin ron strategy evaluated at an average of 5%. You will save 1,000 K, and you will also reach the highest contribution of 230 K. As a result, 420,000 K will be added over the last five years. walnut. Even with the contributions, you have a total of 1,366,890 K at the pension threshold, which, when the salary is set for ten years, adds an additional 11,391 K to the stipulated income.

And this is not the case in this case, the contribution of the employer, which in R in the average over 1,000 K msn and the total saved flow increases significantly. Get her every quarter of the pension.

Since the news of long-term investments, more pensions from Czech officials in the pension system have not. Unfortunately, only what they are willing to put on their pensions will be diminished.

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