The average in the pension was 14,427 K in June this year, a number of pensioners will not be able to catch this bag. And if a senior is allowed to pay ten thousand for an apartment, he will not have much life left. How to save for retirement and how to invest, R Ale Poklop, president of the Association of Pension Societies, explains in an interview.

Do people retire in private? The current pensions are filled and the system works.
The current system for paying the pension is set up in such a way that today two other working people have to earn money for the pension of one Czech pensioner at that time. And in the future, they will send them another economically active people to retire.

Only demographic development in the Czech Republic is inconvenient and our change is fundamental. Now they have strong jobs, the so-called Husk’s children, and even though our compensation ratio (average wage compared to the average income) is below 50 percent. And and the generation of Husk’s children will retire, there will be many people who will be able to retire them, and we will have to deal with the phenomenon of a rigid population. Also without reform, the pensions are known to sn. And let’s realize that it is now your largest item in the budget. Given that this does not look like a major reform of the pension system, it is reasonable to think about yourself and secure a pension.

When will the pension be retired?
It is best to defer the first salary, so it generally pays two, the better. But of course it is never too late. In our country, the trend is such that the people are aware of the urgency of the situation regarding the state and at the age of about 40 years, which is the time when joining the retirement most often. It’s not too late, but it’s definitely not appropriate.

M smysl spoit u dtem?
Compared to a regular pension, a child’s pension has the specifics of a pension, for example, after reaching the age of majority, it is possible to choose a medium. But I recommend it mainly because it is a great opportunity to educate children financially and allow them not to start from scratch. Anyone with a pension once is likely to continue. And there is a big difference, when you have a few plates of printing or nothing on your first job. At the end of last year, the people joined us in more than six thousand days.

If I have only ten years left to retire, should I go together?
Urit yes, because I will send contributions to lengths over three hundred crowns. It’s also really better not to hide your pension in the field even for a minimum with a minimum year.

Just before retirement, it is not appropriate to choose a dynamic strategy that is based on longevity. Here I would recommend an investment mix of bonds and shares in exported funds, or in conservative funds.

According to vs, how is the best way to retire?
In general, a dynamic strategy will pay off in the long run. From history we know that the so-called tons and lean years stand. And you get a ton. Therefore, I recommend to anyone who has been retired for more than ten years to choose a dynamic strategy in a new pension, ie in a supplementary pension scheme, and to set aside enough to be entitled to the highest support. What a salary for at least a thousand msn. And don’t forget to ask if I can contribute to my employer.

People worry that deposits with a pension fund are not legally insured. If I save for thirty years, what security will I give all my pensions if society fails?
The best proof is practice. Penzijko celebrated last year a quarter of a year of operation. For the whole 25 years it has worked without problems and about half of them work in it. Not a single pension company went bankrupt, all clients were always paid their pensions. It is also evident that v. Behind pension companies, which are strictly regulated by law and which have been supervised by the Czech National Bank and the Ministry of Finance, are the largest banking houses in the Czech Republic.

How to choose the pension company with which I will conclude a contract? Where is their offer?
On the website of the Association of Pension Companies R, there is a clear table of the percentage of each of the eight pension companies on the Czech market that valued the deposits of their participants. And on the horizon from the fund’s establishment, but also for individual years. So you can figure out how each company is doing. Otherwise, all of them must offer the same product and therefore it is not possible that it is better or worse.

What is the situation of a private pension savings pension (supplementary pension and supplementary pension savings) after the coronary crisis?
The old pension supplement, which has not been available for seven years, but is still worth more than three million, focuses on investing in bonds. The contributions are therefore not lower for the new supplementary pension scheme. The coronary crisis, which caused a slump in the global stock market, affected the old pension, not least the new one, which is currently over a million.

The new supplement of the savings allows you to choose the investment strategy of your business, you invest in a bond, a stock or a mixed mix. Whoever has chosen a dynamic stock-oriented strategy will spend more in the long run, but with a small degree of risk of short-term fluctuations. And exactly one of such fluctuations was the onset of the coronary crisis in March and April, when shares fell sharply. But the good first thing is that in the middle of the year the losses were more than half erased and the situation develops over time and beyond.

Will the old man join the new pension?
The transition to a new supplementary pension savings is, of course, a possibility and is free, but beware, it is a step irreversible. It is enough to enter this change with your pension company. If you want to go under another pension company, of which there are eight on our market in total, then this is not a problem, but of course it involves a certain administration and the transition takes several months.

However, for those who have been retired for at least ten years, I recommend this transition. In the old pension connection, there is far from such an opportunity to evaluate the dispute. And in the case of long-term savings, it generates income from the appreciation of funds at the end of the sum of the sums, not the small contributions, the contributions of the employer and sometimes even the part of the participant itself.

The coronavirus crisis has often confused families with family finances. It is thin whether I can cancel my pension savings and withdraw my savings. What actually happens when people in a place in some place do not have to? What’s the threat to them?
And in the event of a coronary crisis, or in a normal situation, if you do not have the one to send your expected pension to the pension, nothing will happen. You just didn’t save the msc, so you’ll have more of it. Of course, it will be evaluated, because it will come out of it. But the debt does not arise, the execution is definitely not a threat. Even if you have agreed that you will save such a specific amount. But it is always better to inform your pension company about such a shortfall.

Therefore, I recommend not to choose the pension in the pension in advance, unless it is really necessary, and not to terminate the stay, because I currently do not have to send me a small pension. The rest would be deprived of the contribution that returns during the early collection.

Stt fulfills the introduction of long-term investments. How do you take this step?
Stt wants to mediate giving people an alternative to retirement savings, namely investing in the capital market. But I think that a very long and user-friendly dynamic strategy is now set in the new supplementary pension scheme. Save as much as you want, according to the large amount of support and it is valued thanks to the investment in the event. The best pension dynamic funds reach you by as much as 20%. Therefore, I think he gave the product no need. It is important that the people save more, or that they involve the employer or the state more intensively. The problem is not the supply of pension products on the market, but the volume of pensions that are in them.

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