Anyone who works or retires can get you a pension. This is for paid activities held after December 31, 2009. It is not automatic, it must be submitted, even back. Ji Biskup, the central director of the Czech Social Security Administration, explains who will give me the right to take my pension.

Who can get my pension and who doesn’t?
In addition, it does not affect those who retire on brigades on the basis of an agreement on the performance of work, which did not participate in the pension insurance. The pension is increased only for the period of employment acquired after December 31, 2009, which is based on insurance, for each 360 calendar days of this activity. Thus, seniors who take a retirement pension and are employed or in business can apply for an increase.

How many retirees are you calling?
In 2016, we received 73 thousand enough pepoet. At the arrest of this year, we registered her 13 thousand dollars.

What time will the pension go?
The amount by which the pension is increased is individual, because it is determined from the deposit from which the pensioner was exchanged for his old-age pension. In the case of pensioners who take up the pension and are currently working at it, 0.4 percent of the base amount is paid for every 360 days worked. The right to this invitation will arise from the day following the day on which the pensioner obtained 360 eligible days of employment. Any remaining days will be used for any subsequent calls.

What will not be needed for the necessary 360 days?
Calendar days are spent during the period of employment. But beware, these 360 ​​days do not include periods of unpaid leave, unexcused absences, temporary incapacity for work and members of the household.

Naven pension is not automatic, it is necessary to apply. In what way and what needs to be done?
From the retirement of the Czech Republic, the social security system is paid for in writing. Here is the best way to get through the district administration of social security according to the city of permanent residence. Here, experts will provide clients with assistance with both its formulation and the completion of the necessary documents. enough can be sent directly to the center of the SSZ. The registered pension insurance certificate proving the period of employment, if the employer did not send it to the SSZ, is submitted. Self-employed persons submit an entry from the register of self-employed persons, which is issued to them by the district administration of social security.

Do you recommend how many days after achieving the necessary work activity, according to your experience, it is optimal to give enough?
O pepoet can be filed immediately after reaching 360 days of activity. If the bag is 360 days in this period, e.g. Some time of incapacity for work or other days that do not last for the invitation, it is necessary to set and submit the period for these days and at the moment when there will be 360 ​​countable days. It should be sufficient to always keep a record of the pension insurance, which expires 360 days (if it is not in the records of the SSZ), or a separate separate entry from the OSV records, which is issued by the district administration of social security.

If I work as a retiree under a number of pensions and after several years of work, for example after all these years, how long can it take me?
In cases where the citizen is outside and after several years of work, pop. at the end of work, it is quite necessary, or for each 360-day period must be performed separately. If oban nap. enough for a call after 3 years, you will receive a decision to call for one 360-day period. The Czech Social Security Administration handles such a fair process with regard to personnel capacity, and with the fact that the new ones are given enough retirement. It takes me several months to spend such a transfer, but it is necessary that the citizen does not lose the day, he will be paid back from the year.

How soon will they be quite confident?
If it is enough, which is applied shortly after reaching 360 days of concurrence of the pension with the paid activity, it is usually within two months.

In what cases do I seem to stretch a lot?
This is, for example, a situation where it is necessary for the employer to document the length of time, or require the pension insurance record itself. So it’s about cases where enough about the right of the pension is applied, and after a few years, the case will also drag me out of the exekunch of the pension. If the Czech Social Security Administration documents the data, the citizen is informed of this fact by letter.

If the transfer of the pensioner who is employed, the registration document of the pension insurance means that he / she has to file his / her employer?
Yes, the employee must submit to his employer a copy of the long-term pension insurance record.

The OSV must provide an entry from the OSV records issued to them by the OSSZ. However, a complete entry is available, and when the OSV under the tax return and submit a statement of income and expenses. So the OSV is optimally informed about the retirement pension and the surrender of the report after each?
Yes, if self-employment is not completed in the middle of the year, it is advisable to wait for the next calendar year after submitting the Income and Expenditure Report. It is possible to submit proof of participation in the social network with an overview of paid deposits.

The recipients of a temporary old-age pension can also give enough about the outside of the pension, but and after reaching the retirement age. For?According to the Act on Retirement Insurance, the user of the so-called old-age pension may not carry out a paid-up activity until the age of retirement age is reached. If he carries out such a paid activity, he is not entitled to a retirement pension in the given period. Therefore, we do not have a situation where the user of the so-called temporary old-age pension would perform a paid activity in parallel with the old-age pension before reaching the retirement age, thus failing to meet the basic condition for increasing the working retirement’s pension. This is limited by reaching retirement age. This means that after his achievement, the citizen can perform unrestricted activities and this time will be evaluated for the retirement. For the first time, such a situation can occur 360 days from the age of retirement.


  • Zvit starobn dchod je mon za vdlenou innosti zskanou po 31. 12. 2009. Zavedla to prvn prava inn od 1. 1. 2010.
  • From 1 January 2014, a pensioner who carries out a part-time activity based on the pension insurance and the current SSZ will pay the old-age pension in full, apply for an increase in the pension when he / she gains 360 calendar days.
  • Until 31 December 2013, the date of this invitation was either after two years not to pursue the activity, or after its termination. This is not necessary, the data is always possible after 360 days of work.
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