Finann situation eskch domcnost is improving. As a good family, these five families. Five hundred and eight percent of them do not have enough pensions to make their dreams come true. In partnerships regarding pensions, it is important to pay that they are common. Confirm this by surveys.

What exactly is the pension for? About half of the people live better, auntie is on vacation and a quarter would pay for a car. These dreams and desires m total eight hundred percent of the people. This result was achieved independently by surveys of Home Credit and the STEM / MARK agency for Globus hypermarkets.

We have known that they have dreams, but it is surprising that they completely think that they are not achievable at all or in the long term. Only 15 percent of people believe that their dream will come true in the foreseeable future, to Pavel Hobkov, speak Globus.

And what are they willing to sacrifice to fulfill their stumps? Almost one percent of them are not afraid to be private and read for their sake. Aunt’s people, on the other hand, declare their willingness to sacrifice their time and the reluctance to find and put in the work or dedicate as well as retraining. Twelve percent of those who are willing to give up their bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, who take some of the home from the home budget, say analyst Jaroslav Ondruek from Home Credit.

A number of families can then stand up to their incomes

Even though the economy is doing well, at the same time it is not enough for people to raise their lives. Every day, I regularly have to pay my income to pay. In intermediate comparison, practically nothing has changed. Each of the two people has no place to read and goes to the stop from payment to payment, comments Monika Buiov, speaking Potovn spoitelny.

With the retirement side by side, they also have people, their incomes far above average. The reason is often to meet the mortgage or parental leave and raise the offspring. If the partners decide to realize their dreams through other loans, it is important to know how much payment will be made from the home budget and whether they will be able to meet. When it comes to housing reconstruction, we are often talking about trips. In the case of a permitted bag, we would like to finance it from our savings pension, explains analyst Jaroslav Ondruek.

V rodinch narst finann nedvra

An extension of the probe into the financial situation of Czech households, which was carried out by Potovn spoitelna, also suggests that a new phenomenon is emerging in the Czech Republic. In family finances, a new model is being promoted, where the partner owes finances to mine and yours and draws away from the traditional model of joint financial management.

And the reason? even in the ability of their partners to manage their pension. women and men alike believe that they spend half their paths twice more than they themselves. It is interesting that the people are both writers and people. often ask for information that their partners and partners do not really mind at all, comments on the results of the survey by Jan Opralov, executive manager of Potovn spoitelna.

For a long time to come, we will encounter increasing uncertainty in relationships and dreaming of an excellent two partners with each other. This applies both to the relational level, when the partners are not sure that they will stay together, and in the area of ​​finance, when the partners fear that their opposition will endanger the joint financial resources. Dividing my myth in such conditions would be a safe variant not ours, we would pay for it in the form of a certain loneliness, comments on this phenomenon psychologist Martin Jirovsk.

A similar development is followed by her colleague, psychologist Petr Molka from the Counseling Center for Family, Marriage and Interpersonal Relationships: It is hardly a year for us to conclude a pedantry property contract. At the meeting, the applicant for her was considered a lifeless exotic, today about a fifth of her fiancé are closed to her. What can I say about him?

The fact that the people have doubts about the ability of their partners to manage their pensions is testified by their known reluctance to pay half their pension. If his partner would not drink to him at all, the same reluctance was even twenty-eight percent, concluded Jana Opralov.

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