If you want to have a family home, be prepared for a lot of worries. Types of houses from the developer, construction according to an individual project, house delivered for the key of reconstruction – choosing the best variant is not easy at all, if one of them has its advantages, but it is therefore not suitable.

Types of dm – nothing for individualists
In the idea of ​​decent living, people usually agree: a family house in a nice and accessible location with civic amenities. So many people who look for their own housing are therefore considering whether to buy an apartment or for the same price a family house just outside the city. Especially those who still lived in a small prefabricated apartment, most of them like a kind of change.

There are several ways to start a new family home. The easiest way is to choose from a range of new types of buildings, which, as part of development projects around large cities, grow like mushrooms for children. Buyers can thus take care of the preparation, implementation and approval of the construction. In addition, the developer or real estate agent will usually help them with a smooth-looking mortgage.

The disadvantage of mass construction is the limited possibility of adapting the appearance of the house to the individual requirements of its future inhabitants. Their control and ability to influence the quality of construction is limited. The prices of materials and construction work are still rising and many developers are forced to look for disputes where to take. Problems can then arise for you and in a few years, when it will be too late for their complaint.

The new homeowner may be disappointed to go far two. Especially if they chose it only according to the pictures in the advertising catalog. They always look perfect. To drink to the unsuitability of the disposition of the room, the absence of space or the low quality of the use of materials and after installation it is very unpleasant. In such a situation, then, there are a number of tracks.

Individual installation pin a lot of worries

A complicated way to build a new family house is to build it according to an individual project. Worries usually arise when looking for suitable plots. Interesting building plots in nice locations of many tracks. If there are no tracks, you usually can’t build on them. Today, in the vicinity of large cities, there is a main subdivided field for a satellite bridge. Living in them is a long way to go.

Dal Skalm individual installations in a quality project. Underestimated construction preparations and the effort to learn from the project will eventually complicate and complicate the construction. Before you start, you always have to go through the martyrdom of building women and then choose a contractor. The main portion of care will bring the bag and its implementation. Especially if the builder decides to coordinate the work or even try to manage the construction himself.

Victims can be expected even with the level of financing individual construction. Right at the arrest, there may be a problem with the mortgage. The construction of a family house can be used for this purpose and after its registration in the cadastre of real estate. This can be done only on the basis of the geometric solid, which can be processed, and when the construction-technical and functional grounding of the first above-ground floor is evident.

Until then, the construction must be financed from its own resources, or the bank must have another property for the mortgage. Hypoten banks usually release funds only on the basis of pedloench invoices according to the degree of disposition. At the same time, check whether the erpn corresponds to the construction budget. In case of irregularities, the erpn vru can suspend and resume it and, depending on the result of the inspection, carried out directly on the construction site.

Surprised at kl

Some people do not like family houses from mass construction. At the same time, they have no time or desire to personally dedicate themselves to the construction of their house. So you better let the house be built completely “on the key”. If they are given to find a good designer, a serious construction company and uncompromising construction supervision, they can eventually save their nerves, as well as their pensions. A necessary prerequisite for the shower is the perfect contractual security of the assigned work.

Unfortunately, the reality is in the case of me. If the hunter does not know who could recommend a company to which they were satisfied with his work, the selected vendor is always good in the lottery. Simply entering the selection and then first evaluating the offers of the addressed companies so that the optimal price-quality ratio is found is not easy at all. In Czech, it is far from always the case that a expensive supplier has to do better work and vice versa.

A smaller construction company may not be stable enough and I will have the technical equipment and experienced staff. For a big one, the construction of a family house may not be interesting enough to pay close attention. In any case, the key is construction supervision, which should look back on the construction. If neither he does his role, the investor will be very unpleasantly surprised.

The financial construction of a house provided by one contracted contractor is a bit easier, not when the contractor is interested in the construction. A number of these construction companies even help me with a mortgage call. If the construction continues according to the approved schedule and if the invoicing corresponds to the concluded contract, with erpnm vru or problem.

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