The ad for a quick loan for both pensioners and the unemployed is in the boulevards and on the pillars of the series. We responded to some of them.

Seven different advertisements, seven mobile phones. Behind them is a sign that referred to another salt, where we first learn things. So I called there.

Phone vzvdn sluba

The sign told me, and I’ll soften one. The seductive operator called. She wanted to know everything: address – she also took a temporary home, name, date of birth, she wants to know her income, how the bank knows how many average expenses.

And what about the expenses? Do I live in a sublet, and in my own apartment? How many msn do I want to meet? Mr. jokes and wants to know how I’m eating. I even like my advice. So that I never put my native word on the phone in connection with the role of the bank here. To make sure that personal data will not be provided to these people and in general, to be careful.

At the end of the call, I learn that the operator will process the data and field a financial advisor who will suggest the most suitable and fastest loan from the non-banking sector. I have one hek, I have to call him. Its telephone number, like the pedal, has the prefix 900.

Przdn ruce za bezmla tisc pt set korun

When I asked which company I was dealing with, the operator referred me to the very beginning of the process, ie to the mobile phone number from the advertisers. “People often do not listen to the meaning of the machine and in the end there is important information. I’m an operator, I can’t do it, “she said.

I’m listening to the machine again. This time we know that I have to stay even after the voices of the pause, which leads to the placement of the handset, because it is natural to assume that the information will not follow.
At the end of the announcement, I also found out the price per minute free, 95 crowns. The operator did not warn me about that. The call lasted a quarter of an hour, I didn’t even know anything, I drank 1,425 crowns.

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