Someone has a summer holiday paid for since January, most of them want to keep up with the best weather and the lowest prices, and so bloom. But you get a holiday at work at any time, you from day to day and for how long will you want to?

Summer temperatures have been dormant for holidays since May, so Markta Klimeov, a storekeeper, didn’t grind for a long time. She packed up in two days and the aunt waited with the whole family in the hall to fly to Egypt. In mid-July, she is invited to the water, but this time it will not work for the company.

At the arrest of June, it was not a problem to take a quick vacation, no one had anything booked. From July 2, your colleagues have a holiday. We have to stand up shortly, shrug.

Unlike adults, children are clear, summer holidays last from the arrest of July to the end of August. The employee must give birth on leave. If the employee is planning to go on holiday, it is advisable for his / her supervisor to submit an approved holiday, or the holiday is determined by the employer. Therefore, if the employee did not approve of the holiday and the holiday enthusiast, the employee cannot go on holiday, sums up Irena Valkov from the law firm Valek & Valkov.

It is filled with the feathers of przdnin

So if you want to go in a hurry to take time off from work, you can have fun in the world. People come in the very first holiday week, because they only have three days off and have a free week. The second week it declined and gave u find a season. It lasts until mid-August. Then people rent bikes, buy seites and slowly fall off, m noticed Ji Broovsk, the owner of one of the guest houses on the Lipensk dam.

Regardless of whether the pensions are full or empty, the employer will give me a holiday and hope. When the summer traffic starts, the owner can decide to work for a week and two for a week and announce a corporate vacation. In this case, the bag must be at least 14 days in advance. We have a free time in the first week of August. It has been introduced for several years and we have become accustomed to the Ji tool from the Brno engineering company.

You have a good time even in trial

Do you know if you want to take a new town from August, when you want to go to me at the end of the holidays? Nobody will offer you such a good job. In general, it is true that you have a year off and after 60 days of work, but agree with the new employer in advance and you can go at a time when you have worked barely two or three weeks.

The law allows the employer to apply for a holiday, even if the first trip did not occur, for example, due to entry into a new job in the summer months before the holiday. If the employer has approved the leave, the employee will take care of it in this way, says lawyer Valkov.

But beware, if the employment of two ended, not the employees of the year for this pre-paid leave arose. The employer may ask the employee to return the paid wages for the period of erp leave, adds Irena Valkov.

But even when your employer allows you to leave and you go on it, it doesn’t have to last as long as you imagined. The employer vs not only send me on holiday, but also recall vs zn.

Make this wash. In such a case, the employee has to pay the costs incurred by the employee, for example, on the leave paid for her, the lawyer writes, adding:

Agree to almost take it

Although the general permission at the end of the work is clearly defined and fixed are the first obligations of both parties, in practice often badly on personal agreements. For example, an employee who is allowed leave for the first week in the contract, after agreement with the employer, has given you leave to take unpaid leave.

On holiday, I can take compensatory leave for possible transfers, if the employer and the employee have agreed that he will be provided instead of a surcharge. Opt, however, it is only on the agreements between the employee and the employer, notes lawyer Irena Valkov. I think of it as a benefit, which is when I have enough work in the winter, I go on Saturday trips. And in lt you extend his vacation by one day, he praises himself.

Those who cannot take part in the holiday should have one option – take unpaid leave. It took me a few days in the MSc. Here, too, badly on good relations between the two sides.

If the employee does not have a good time with the employee and the employee wants to take unpaid leave, for example because I do not have the right to leave, because you used it out, then it will be up to the employer to approve the unpaid leave, and not, notes the lawyer. .

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