A number of banks withdrew it from the collection of the fee for incoming payments. Tetina bank maintains these fees with its clients and the costs of running are growing here. See how much vs your income can drink.

New packages have down payments in prices
While some banks joined the flat fee for incoming domestic payments in Czech currency, others saw with new bank packages. Their model could be the packages of ivnostensk bank, which contained the original items. Their number in package prices was not limited and did not.

You will probably have a massive GE Money Bank advertising campaign in your memory on its new “genius” account. In a single flat fee for the products of the package, offer items for down payment. Their number, as with ivnostensk bank, is not limited. Similarly, Raiffeisenbank and Komern banka recently adjusted their packages. Also here in the package prices are down payments are calculated.

Thus, SOB has adjusted its packages since May and offered its clients a limited number of free items in paul free of charge. For SOB Konta Plus you do not pay an extra fee for the first short payment, for Active account and Exclusive account you do not pay extra for the first 5 walking items. Tm ovem bohuel vet bank with zero fee for walking items con.

Crowns will pay for outgoing payments at the same time as these banks
Among the domestic twelve largest banks to go you will find the one that paid down payments even if you use their product packages. In addition to esk spoitelna, fees for incoming payments in korunch appear to go at the rates of HVB Bank, Volksbank (which does not charge a short payment only in the case of a transfer within the bank) and thus BAWAG Bank.

The escalator will be valued at 7 crowns (5 crowns for transfers within the bank), HVB Bank 5 crowns, Volksbank 6 crowns and BAWAG Bank two crowns. Bohuel, at least in the near future, clients of various banks will not get a turnaround.

You can pay free of charge for mine payments for free
Bnmu bank client is offered 2 and 3 items in the month (eg salary, energy surcharges, castle for renting premises and pensions for a part-time job), so we covered those items in the month. With a fee of 7 crowns for an item from another bank (at S), pay 252 crowns. This total amount would be able to subscribe to you, for example. Suitable program (paul 45 K msn) for 5.5 msce.

Bank Popl. behind the mine
payment in K
Popl. v K ron
(according to example)
esk spoitelna 7 252
Volksbank 6 216
HVB Bank 5 180
BAWAG Bank 2 72

Thus, although it may seem that the first fees for incoming payments are not the greatest pain of bank clients, the costs incurred in this way in a decidedly negligible way.
It is always up to you to assess how you want and use banking services. Fees for walking items, taking into account the fees further, may not be the best ride on the scales.

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