Daov piznn page 2

2. oddl zklad and, ztrta

Dec 31: Drink your ron salary. The data can be found on the confirmed wage thorns. If you changed jobs during the year, ask your previous employer for confirmation.

Model: Jan astn zape 378 250 K.

Dec 32: Fill in how much the employer deducted from social security and health insurance payments, you can find it on the confirmation of wage thorns.

Model: Jan astn writes 47,200 K.

Dec 33: Only fill in when you had some income from abroad.

Dec 34: From 31, 32 and 33.

Model: You receive 47,200 paid for social and health care, resulting in 331,050 crowns.

Dec 35: This blanket applies only to employees who had income from abroad, such as foreign embassies in the Czech Republic.

Dec 36: Opite deck 34.

dky 37 a 41: Employees without a beer, nothing, these fields are only for entrepreneurs, those who rent something and the like.

Dec 42: The sum of dku 36 and dku 41, when it is positive.

Model: Pan astn nape 331 050 K.

dky 43 a 45: The employee does not. List only the entrepreneur who is subject to the obligation to pay a minimum tax or can claim a loss for the previous period.

3. sections of tax-free tax base, deductible items and total tax

dky 46 a 53: Here are the facts you can dream of. You have paid life insurance premiums, years of mortgage or building savings, gifts and the like. We will give a detailed description in the area of ​​Penze on 27 November 2007.

Model: Jan astn pays 1000 crowns to the pension fund. For the first 500 of them, he has two so-called wall posts, and another 500 will give him a tax base. He could get away and 1000 crowns if he had to pay incl. His wife Anna also pays a supplementary pension, she would not normally have her contribution from her, because a bag in the joint tax will also give her a tax return, she will write the same money in her formula.

Dec 54: Sette dky 46 a 53.

When applying together, fill in Area 5 (pattern on page E5 of the Penze area)

Dec 55: If you are applying a common manual, enter the value from length 520 of area 5 here.

Dec 57: Calculate the income tax according to the table on page E3 of the Pension area.

Model: Jan astn spent his tax on 21,821 crowns

4. oddl da total, loss

dky 58 a 61: Employees without beer and without income from abroad until days 58 and 60 describe Dec 57.

5. section on the application of tax rebates and tax credits

dky 62 a 63: Only the entrepreneur sails.

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