Did you earn a pension last year and are afraid that you won’t be able to pay your tax return? tte how to do it.

Daov piznn – page 1

We wrote on the 10th hole about how to fill in this page. You can find the pages at www.idnes.cz.

Daov piznn – page 2

2. oddl – Dl zklad dan,…

Dec 31: Drink your ron gross salary. You will find on the Certificate of taxable income, which you will receive from wages thorns.
Model: Helena Vesel will pay 240,000 crowns from our treasure.

Dec 32: How much for all the employer paid for social and health insurance. put t on confirmed from thorns.
Model: Helena sang 84,000 crowns.

Dec 33: This blanket applies to employees who had income from abroad.

Dec 34: Set 31 and 32 and take 33 from them.

Dec 35: This blanket applies to employees who had income from abroad.

Dec 36: Opite deck 34.

dek 36a: Tk se zamstnanc s pjmy ze zahrani. Jinak opite. 36.

Dec 37: The box is tk businessman and tch who have the author’s honore.

Dec 38: These are the years you gained, when you pensioned someone privately.

When you rent something or you have sold something, you also have other living income, waiting for you to fill in Plohy slo 2 (we describe it in detail according to).

Dec 39: Drunk. 206 from the plot. 2. Model: Helena describes 14,700 crowns.

Dec 40: Here you drink your other income. Peneste. 209 from plot slo 2.
Model: Mr. Wessel sang 43,000 K.

Dec 41: Set the income from boxes 37, 38, 39 and 40, ie not for employees. If the value is positive and negative.
Model: 14 700 + 43 000 = 57 700 K.

dek 41a: Tk se tch, kte mli pjmy ze zahrani. Jinak opite. 41.

Dec 42: Souet 36a and 41a. If. 41a cancel, then only the value. 36a.
Model: Helena writes 381,700 K.

Dec 44: for entrepreneurs

Dec 45: Entrepreneur who deducts a loss will be deducted from 42 Dec 44.

Section 3 – Tax-free i

dky 46 a 53: Here are the things you can dream of. Paid life insurance, supplementary pension, years of residence, gifts.
Model: Mr. Helena will pay me 6,000 crowns for a supplementary pension and the same fee for those blood donations.

Dec 54: Seven gives z. 46 and 53.

Dec 55: From the tax base in file 45 deduct non-taxable contributions from file 54.

Dec 56: give from 55 to the whole hundred crowns down.
Model: Helena vepisuje 369 700 korun.

Dec 57: Vynsobte. 56 slem 0.15.
Model: Helen vyla da 55 455 corundum.

Section 4 – Yes total, loss

Dec 58: Drunk. 57. Those who had income from abroad, first fill in the Area. 3 and turn on the value from length 330 here.

Dec 60: Drunk. 58, round the resulting stitch up to the crown of the crown.

dky 61 a 63: For entrepreneurs.

Daov piznn – page 3

Unmarked dky in tab. 1: Fill in the window “information about the wife (manela)” to those who want to get a discount on the fed manela (see Dec 65).

Dec 64: Fill in the amount for which everyone who pays the tax can dream, for the year 2008 it is 24 840 K.

dec 65a: Weaves manel, one of them very low incomes. If your husband (wife) in 2008 was less than 68,000 crowns, you can dream of 24,840. Your income also includes pensions and maternity or sick leave. Don’t just ask for two social support (parental allowance, child benefits). If you are raising a mane with only a few calendar months (you were married to you), reduce the amount of 2,070 crowns for each month, at his meeting you raised the second of the manles.

Dec 65b: If the spouse is disabled (has a ZTP / P order), you will take double. That is 4,140 crowns for each msc “vyivovn”, or 49,680 crowns for the whole year.

Dec 66: If you receive a disability pension, pay 2,520 crowns per year, or 210 crowns per month.

Dec 67: If you are fully disabled, pay 5,040 crowns for the whole year, or 420 crowns per month.

Dec 68: Only the person who owns the ZTP / P command sails. Drink 1,345 crowns for each MSC when you are a ZTP / P driver. For the whole year it is 16,140 crowns.

Dec 69: Students up to the age of 26 (in the case of doctoral studies up to the age of 28) can deduct another 335 crowns for each MSc study, 4,020 for the whole year.

Dec 70: Set discounts from. 62 and 69.

Dec 71: From the exempted tax from dku 60 deduct the discount from dku 70.
Model: Pan Vesel odet 24 840 korun. Vychz j da 30 615 korun.

Unmarked dky in tab. 2: information about children living in the household Fill in the name, first name, birth name and the period during which the children lived in the household with you. If more than three children live, put a free beam and a pilot to the tax return.

Dec 72: Write a “tax advantage” to the child you live. It is 890 crowns for each msc, when it happened to you. For the whole year it is 10,680 crowns. If the child is invalid (I have the ZTP / P command), the stack is doubled. Only one of the parents always discounts me. He gave the condition that the parents must earn at least 48,000 crowns a year.

Dec 73: Enter here the child tax rebate applied for by the evil employer at the state. Information can be found on the confirmed wage thorns. It doesn’t matter if it’s a value. 71.

Dec 74: Dec 71 minus Dec 73. The amount she paid me is what you have to pay in tax.
Model: Helena pe 9 255 crowns.

dky 75 a 77: Daov bonus will get the one who vypoetl that is not (. 71) not daov zvhodnn on dti (. 72).

6. oddl – Additional DAP

Dec 78 a 83: Do not fill in these data.

7. oddl – Paid day

Dec 84: According to confirmed wages thorns, how much m the employer deducted from the tax during the year.
Model: Mr. Vesel on 2,400 crowns. All tax rebates deducted by the employer are included in the amount. So a discount on the fee and for two children.

Dec 85: Do not fill in the employees, the entrepreneur will state the advances for the tax for the year 2008, which they paid.

Dec 86: It is only a small entrepreneur who has a financial date set by the financial adem.

dky 87 a 90: These boxes are woven only had a group of entrepreneurs.

Dec 91: From point 74, subtract the values ​​from points 77, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89 and 90. If a positive value comes out, you will add, if the value comes out in dispute, you do not have to pay (if you have paid the deposit, the borehole is financially).
Model: Helena costs 6,855 crowns, which must be paid by the end of the current financial year.

Daov piznn – str. 4

On the fourth side of the basic formula, you fill in how many and what areas to pay for the tax credit. Set the date, city and most importantly you have to sign.

If you find out that your pension will be supplemented, fill in the last blank window with the information about where you want to send the pension.

Ploha 2 – pronjem a ostatn pjmy

The land is intended for those who have income from rent and so-called other income. These include, among other things, flat sales, such as cosmetics or an entry from the garden, the sale of a car within one year of its purchase, flat rental of a car, machinery and the like.

Zhlav: V pravm hornm rohu vyplte rodn slo.

1. Calculation of long-term rental income tax:

Unmarked blank: It is necessary to tick whether you will deduct pauln data. He put the half marked in the case if the income comes from renting things that belong to the common name of the husband. Only one of the manes always taxes the intake.

Dec 201: Add income from real estate or movitch incl.

For movitch vc (for example, for a car that you rented to a neighbor), it can be rented regularly, if you rent something only flat, you will put it in the overview “2. including the long tax base of other income ”in the lower half of this page of the formula.
Model: Mr. Vesel will state the 21,000 crowns he received for renting the cottage.

Dec 202: The data can be actually, for example, costs associated with gossip and repair of the rented property, always in proportion to the time for which you rent. So you can’t apply the whole roof repair, when you rent the cottage only to the holiday home. In such a case, you can only pay twelve of the price. With regular rents, you can leave even a half stall, with more than 30 percent of the income.
Model: Helena used paul and filled in 6,300 crowns.

Dec 203: In this case you will pass the difference between the day 201 and 202, ie between income and marriage.

dky 204 a 205: The records of reserves are not kept only by the entrepreneur, the reserves can be created by any citizen who rents something. The essence of the reserves is that for future repairs, for example, a rented house. You are completing the repair in ten years, worth pl million crowns. Then add 50,000 crowns each year, which you will not tax. Be careful, if you do not make a repair in the end, you must deliver everything to the crown.

The basis for filling in these documents is a special tax record or double ethnicity.

Dec 206: Set parts 203 and 204 and deduct decub 205 from them.

Infamous deck: In case you do not apply the costs in full, send if you have decided to create provisions for repairs, their knowledge at the end and at the end of 2008.

2. Including the long tax base from other income:

In the table “Type of income according to paragraph 10” you state income from business activities (for example, business income from vegetables, sale of vegetables from the garden, if you are not a self-employed farmer), income from car, boat and plane sales within one year of purchase, income from transfer real estate, movable property and securities, unless their transfer is exempt from tax, and gave the income listed in paragraph ten.

Attention: if the sum of these incomes does not exceed 20,000 crowns, you do not have to tax them and you do not continue on these sides. Applies only to mining activities, including agricultural production (A).

In the Type of income field, write how the income is, and follow the instructions to fill in the declaration and enter the prescribed designation:

  • A business activity,
  • B sale of real estate (does not apply to real estate that you have owned for at least 5 years or have lived in for at least two years, and do not have in the company’s business assets, or you invest in pensions within a year),
  • C sale of movitch vc (including the example of a car in personal ownership, which you sell within one year of purchase),
  • D sale of valuable beams (which own less than 6 msc),
  • E pjmy z pevodu drustevnho podlu a podobn,
  • F jin pjmy – here seem to do what does not fit elsewhere.

Model: Mr. Helena had income from the sale of insurance policies (30,000), from the early sale of sub-certificates (5,000) and so the tax has to be levied on the tax levy which she drew on the prematurely canceled life insurance policy (18,000). Because the incomes in the sum exceed the given limit of 20 thousand, Helena must admit them and pay taxes. He / she shall state the income in the table and actually state the data against them, because paul cannot be applied in this category of income. In this case, she did not make the loss she had from the sale of the cover letter, so sweat it as zero.

Dec 207: Set the soils in the table above.

Dec 208: Specify the sum of data from the table, up to and including last. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you will not forget about the applied data in the records.

Dec 209: Odette od dku 207 dek 208 a vsledn slo zapite.

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