The sequence of boring images, the diction succeeds the snake, a lot of data in which we will get lost in a moment. Such a presentation of the people began. to avoid it if we do not want to get a good idea, Jan Dvok from the pots of the Gopas wheel.

1Presentation from nowhere to nowhere

Even if you have a presentation for two minutes, it should have a concept and change. Therefore, before you start uploading data to PowerPoint, you should be clear about what you want or where you want to go and where you want to upgrade your presentation.

2technick problem

Do you know how to kill a presentation at a pedtm, don’t you know? Start it with technical problems. Your presentation can take place in a room where, for example, the cables needed to connect are not found, or on the contrary, they are fully filled, but no one is sure which is the right one. Here you can learn time and nerve-skilled technology, such as the wireless wePresent, with the help of which you can easily connect and present yourself via any projector or display.

3Indistinct speech

If you have a clear change, you will not forget the form of communication. At the arrest, there is an interactive way to get the audience into the action, and if there is a presentation of the work, you need to relieve it from time to time. The most common mistake people do, for which they are not presented with daily bread, is convinced that it is surest to prepare a great detailed presentation, and then I listen to the essence.

4Underestimated graphics

It is essentially communicated, but the graphic form is also important in the presentation. The dull or amateurish visual form has an emotional impact on people, perceiving it as an underestimation of the importance or significance of the presentation as such. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid, for example, inserting images in the wrong resolution, oblique or using photos with a watermark of the photobank.

So watch out for the deadly applied clip art and hand-type photo keys. Plining effort in conjunction with inexperience bv so on the code many colors, style and size of the font, effect and pop-ups presentation decisive code.

5Nepehlednost a sloitost

I have a lot of data, so I will use all this and the graphs are complex, in the explanation of the help of them – this is especially evident from the presentations of experts. As a result, the listener is overwhelmed by facts that do not remain in their memory without an explanation of context or meaning. There are also problems with graphs and tables in the presentation.

The people are driven by the effort to create the most comprehensive visual production so complex that the audience, which sees it projected or changed in the same presentation, does not even have to unfold it. And to go one part at the expense of clarity: many abrasions and verbal, best spread over several images.

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