Income from business is held not only by the owner of the trade license, but also by those who receive honor or do business according to special regulations, such as doctors or lawyers. They all have to float the area for entrepreneurs for tax returns.

1. Do vdaj u nedvejte pojistn

Were you looking in vain for a tax return box, where you fill in the amount for paid social and health insurance? She’s not there this year. The insurance does not deduct from the new tax for the year 2008 and do not even state it in the business expenses.

What about the surcharge? If you overpaid the insurance premium in 2007 and the pension was paid by the health insurance company, you must add the overpayment to the income and tax.

2. Find out how much you can give

Anyone who owns a trade license can pay 50 or 60 percent of the fee, depending on the type of business. And so that the craftsmanship of 60 percent and all other free, taken and licensed 50 percent. What is a bag according to kona crafts? vadlena? Cosmetics? Don’t look for logic behind you. While cosmetic services are in addition to craft activities, the production of the trade is free.

The distribution of individual activities has changed since the middle of last year. Examples of including even two pauses can be stated in the text, the complete list of individual activities and the content can be found here A new craftsmanship is, for example, the installation and repair of electrical equipment.

3. Forget about at least da

If you earned something in business in 2008, but your expenses were quite high due to the income, you do not have to worry about the minimum tax base. When da zero comes out, you won’t just pay anything.

4. Don’t know what to do? Try the internet

Do you still want to check if you can fill in the correct form and start without errors? If you know what to enter in which fields and you are not sure, just try the interactive form on the Internet. Fill in the data, such as income and expenses, the program for all sla sla can be transferred to pslunch dk and so it will be calculated. You then just print, sign and take the form or fly to the finance office.

You can find the complete form for any income at, a limited version, but also with overviews for the first social security and health insurance company at

5. You pay for professional help

Who does not manage to fill in the tax return must submit an expert. You can either ask for an ethnic or direct advisor. Simply make a picky game, but even here, choose the fuel. It is ideal to follow the recommendations of them and not just rely on the fact that he has the word ethnically in the name of his job function. Not everyone is familiar with tax issues. The advantage of ethnho is the lower price for processing the loan, most you can fit into a thousand crowns. The disadvantage is that you do not have to postpone the date for the business to red and for the correctness, put in a note routine yourself. If the financier finds a mistake, you have to pay the money yourself out of pocket.

Pay the tax advisor everything, the prices are in the breath of thousands of crowns according to the complexity of your business and income. The advantage is that you can postpone your business in this way until the end of June. Until March 31, just give the financial council a power of attorney in which the advisor tells to spend for the tax. In addition, if ednk finds an error, the advisor will take responsibility for it. Only if you told him everything you needed. When you hide some income and he does not state it in the loan, you will pay the penle yourself.

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