Have you considered a country house in sunny Florida or downtown Manhattan? If you are looking for a resort for your rest and a base for your shops, then don’t give up. But if you just want to invest, don’t worry!

Resort on a sunny dorm
The construction of the house and apartment in the area of ​​sunny beaches and all-round summer will take place in the imagination of perhaps every echo. The sea washed away from the Czech Basin before the passage of our ancestor, and the last mention of it can be found in Shakespeare’s Bsns. And while vacationing by the sea was a dream of many families even in times when private property was only publicly talked about pejoratively.

Buying a resort on the spot almost anywhere in the world is not an insurmountable first problem. You have enough pensions or enough to make a good purchase. And now there is a suitable pattern in the USA.

What are the cheap houses in the US?
Property prices in the United States have fallen sharply in recent months. The reason is the mortgage crisis, which has spread (quite understandably) to the real estate sector. What happened?

While, for example, in the Czech Republic there are mortgage lenders with annuity payments, which means that the bank’s client has met both years and debt for several years. those not – and over the unpaid years their debt increased. At the same time, the banks covered up real estate prices, which had a sufficient margin, including Clients should have met the security and later.

With me Amerian pli not potent, the growth of years rates was their central bank (Fed). This increased years of mortgage rates, and at a time when the bank wanted to pay the principal of the debt, they found that they did not have enough pensions to meet. In addition, no one drank for them, so the bank confiscated their dm – only real estate prices fell due to high supply… and still fall today. In just the last three months, the price of some US houses and apartments has fallen by a percent.

The Czech koruna and the weakening US dollar have a very positive effect on Czech citizens. This real estate in the US for us is available and cheaper.

Dm and apartment as an investment? I do not recommend…
Many people do not realize how costs and labor are associated with owning and renting real estate. If the property you want to rent is extra away from the valuation, the costs are yours. Yes, my real estate agent will take care of it, but…

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