While experts and politicians are asking whether two-year-olds belong to college, women in parental leave are still looking for opportunities to start working again. I pr hodin tdn toti vrazn pome mumm i firmmm.

At the age of five years, Jarmila has barely ten kilometers from home to the office on the crack in Pankrec, in fact it is light years. While going on maternity leave, she could spend ten hours a day working with her two sons, a preschooler, and her father on a trip with workaholism.

When I was supposed to get back to work, if I preferred to give myself a dt, he jokes. In fact, it’s a different bag. As soon as it was possible, she agreed with her employer that she would work on PR projects from home.

I just have to follow the deadline and quality of work. With a large family, I learned to be efficient and organize myself, while cleaning my head at work, Jarmila gave courage to mothers who would like to start working with a small child. And there weren’t many of them.

80% of mothers want to work

According to a current survey by Mavimi, mediated contact between women on maternity and parental leave and employers, 80 percent of women want to get involved in work no later than one year after the birth of a child.

Because the child is time-consuming, they prefer flexible jobs, such as wall hangings and work arrangements. And the city where I work is also important. Vtina would appreciate if she could at least work from home, sums up the longest-running survey among nearly five-thousand-year-old editor Mavimi Ivan ernohorsk.

If you want to argue that the attention should definitely belong to a small child, you better think about it. He is a great trainer for the mental condition of the wind. Employees and rushes in them contribute to the feeling of life satisfaction. The long-term stay of a mother with a child at home needs to be developed through other activities and the profession is one of them, explains psychologist Luciena Metalov to her clients.

He pays his salary, that’s why, so he pays a lot

It’s not just about work, but about the fact that a woman respects the meaning of it, but it doesn’t grow over her head. describes the experience of Jitka, who tried her hand at half a string.

However, this was at a time when the effects of the economic crisis were current and companies could choose who to hire. Today, the situation of diametrin odlin, job seekers is lacking, and so they are transferred to the parent market in the labor market in this way. They have work experience, they have learned to manage time efficiently and they usually tend to be loyal to them.

Therefore, it would slowly grow in the Czech Republic according to the shared jobs and walls or otherwise flexible ties. The trend is evident, for example, in the supply of jobs. Currently, less than 10 percent of all occupied positions also offer the possibility of working on a wall of harnesses. In 2015, it was 6 percent and previously stable at 5 percent, according to Tom Dombrovsk, a senior analyst at LMC, who manages the job portals Jobs.cz and Prce.cz.

Only a tenth of nabdek under nesta. In particular, only three percent of them prefer part-time work to full-time work. This is due to the appearance of the people still extremely small, confirms Dombrovsk and reminds that in the distance from us, the situation is markedly different. For example, in neighboring Germany, according to the stench, the volume is 25 percent.

The reason for our company with the walls of the Vhaj bundle is vc. Of course, there are companies where, for example, shift operations are not even clear. Many Czech employers are still struggling to intervene in the long-term established organization of work, elsewhere they are concerned that such an employee is in fact only a time disguised as a lazy person.

He relies on moms, the firm firm

Experience shows that the opposite is true. For example, the Zaslat.cz transport service on the Internet, which is used by mothers for parental access in many ways, do not be afraid to look after your people. If you need to work from home, and work calmly.

Let’s face it and we don’t limit the home office in any way. I think that if any of the employees needs to work from home, they have an internal incentive to do something in the office to show that the benefit does not abuse, explains the corporate approach of Zaslat.cz director Miroslav Michalko.

And similarly satisfied are other companies, which for both parents and some organizations offer victims of two children. Uniqa currently has 63 mothers for mothers or parents, many of whom cooperate according to our operational and time constraints on various projects and current activities. And both sides of the cooperation of values ​​are positive: a second step with the life of the company and the company can again rely on the enthusiasm of employees with experience, praises Eva Svobodov from Uniqa pojiovny.

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