The bank will most often offer a client on the Czech market in person, which seems appropriate thanks to the fact that you can assemble it as you wish and not spend it on services that you do not need. However, it is practically the most expensive package of banking services in our country.

With a novelty in the form here, which is a stack of banking services divided into three dogs, esk spoitelna (according to only S) saw in August last year. Since then, the bank has shared the Personal, as it called its then novelty, with an order number of 530 thousand.

It is very variable, the client pays only for those products and services that he actually uses. So far, about 17% of clients (ie about 92 thousand) have agreed in the settings, and according to the S can reach up to thirty different types and equal products and related services.

S leads total more than 2.9 mil.sporoirovch t (tj. vetn balk)
Osobnch t to 15. 2. leads vce ne 530 tisc

The same combination of services in Personal was chosen here only 17.3% client (ie approx. 92 thousand)

They chose services: debit payment card, withdrawals from ATM S and overdraft

Personal prices in the fight against competition prohrv

We were particularly interested in how many experts are so highly valued for their variability compared to the competition. esk spoitelna toti stated that if you ask the owner of the Personal here is a new client. We therefore chose three different client examples.

Client . 1:

– internetov bankovnictv
– electronic payment card
– embossed payment card
– 2 vbry from ATM
– 3 lasted payments
– 1 SIPO
– 2 walking items
– 3 paid vouchers outside the bank (single order)
– overdraft (not used)

Client . 2:
– internetov bankovnictv
– electronic payment card
– 3 vbry from ATM
– 3 lasted payments
– 1 SIPO
– 1 pchoz poloka
– overdraft (not used)

Client . 3:
– electronic payment card
– 1 vbr from ATM
– 1 pchoz poloka
– paprov vpis zaslan potou (msn)

Client . 4:
– internetov bankovnictv
– 2 embossed credit cards
– 8 vbr from ATM
– 8 permanent payments
– 4 inkasa (vetn SIPO)
– 3 walking items
– 6 placench jars despite the bank (single order)

Compared to the largest domestic banks, Personal Price is based on prices for our clients as one of the most expensive for natural persons who are not entrepreneurs on the Czech banking market.

Msn costs to keep bnho here
for natural persons not doing business (in K)

Bank / ClientClient
. 1
Client . 2Client . 3Client
. 4
BAWAG Bank 133,7068,2025,20248
esk spoitelna16111551,50236
UNDER 965550144
GE Money Bank 11911935119
Komern bank 10528,5025188
Potovn spoitelna82,50 77,5049159
UniCredit Bank 999979169

Source: Banks
Note: fees are always stated as a minimum (ie for all banks)

The first client to pay for the use of the service in S 161 crowns per month, while in mBank you do not have to issue a crown (mBank does not offer SIPO, overdrafts or embossed payment cards). With complete coverage of the required services, the same client of eBanka and Raiffeisenbank would pay 20.30 K (ie if the conditions of eKonto Prmium are met).

For Potovn spoitelna clients, the cost of a number of calculations for the first year is kept here, when payment cards are free. In the case of Komern banka, you can achieve these prices listed in the table below the Blue Pyramid (building society) and at the same time have a turnover of more than 15 thousand crowns.

The remaining clients of S u turned out a bit better. Their are never the most expensive. The price of the client is 2 for S to 115 crowns per month, a slight dram is for only the Genius Aktive GE Money Bank account, for which the client with the use of the same services will cost at least 119 crowns.

The client was able to pay the most in UniCredit Bank for the selected structure of services, namely CZK 79. Immediately followed by Osobn et S with 51.50 crowns. In this case, GE Money Bank could go ahead, provided that the average balance here does not exceed 40 thousand crowns. Then the price of 35 crowns changes to 70.

The last, very active client, will have to dig into his pocket to go much deeper. In Bawag Bank it will cost 248 crowns per month, in S at 236 crowns. On the other side is mBank with 95 crowns msn (ie for withdrawals from an ATM).

Even the choice of elephants is limited here

“Within the Personal, the client is free to choose only those products and services that I am interested in and that he will really use,” said Pavla Plach from the Corporate Communications Department S. And how does it work in practice?

A mandatory system is always, if the client chooses, payment cards (electronic, embossed and Gold), Service 24, overdraft and so-called Spoic full. It is not possible, for example, unlike the withdrawal from ATM S, to use them and especially to pay them separately, it would be more affordable.

The most common combination of Personal products here

debit payment card
vbry of ATM
overdraft = 69 K / ms.
The client pays for all transactions (down and outgoing) within S, all transactions outside S and gave services (they may or may not be a part of Personal here)

If the client wants to take advantage of the promise, e.g. Service 24, pay for a total of 4 products msn 109 K. In other salary. Service 24 cannot be paid for separately (it cannot be outside the structure here).

And the novelty is slowly displacing the original S account package, known as Comprehensive, Suitable Program and Senior. asem disappear and usually Sporoirov et. You don’t have a day out of these here at S since August. As an existing client, you can only transfer to a new Personal. If you take this step, consider that there is no return. You will find out about the differences between the old bales S and her new Personal HERE.


– if you are a client with one of the balconies (Suitable program, Comprehensive program, et Senior), the transition to Personal invites you very long and always values ​​your situation actively (find out the current fees and fees after the change), unused products prefer to mature

– if you choose a new bank, you can ask whether one of the balk services of other banks with pledges that you will not use will not pay off

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