A hundred seconds of inattention behind the wheel and you won’t get out of debt until death. In the United Kingdom, an accident caused an accident, when a train derailed and the code reached 4.5 billion crowns. In a similar case, unfortunately, obligatory liability according to current Czechs would not help much.

ern chronicle
Huge codes are often created after ecological havrich, slags with tanks, when the damaged soil and the source of drinking water are disrupted. We will also encounter high reimbursements after mass ravines on long-haul roads, chain crossings in alpine tunnels and collisions with trucks carrying valuable cargo, such as electronics.

Kind of sickle
(for the year 2006)
S jedoucm
102 956409
With parking
31 72819
With a solid baking sheet26 908250
Havrie10 55775
See vol6 6920
Another type of accident4 83110
With a pedestrian4 031171
With the train26222
Total187 965956

Source: Overview of the activities of the PR traffic police service in 2006

It also happened that a client with an old codec crashed into the optical equipment of a foreign television company worth 70 million crowns and completely destroyed it, says Vclav Blek from esk pojiovny. In the course of this accident, he did not pay attention during these accidents and drove into the car, on which the trick camera was attached. He was insured, but much less limited. The company eventually withdrew from the court to exorbitant the sum of sums on the idea itself, but decided to rely on the gentleman’s agreement.

The saddest and thus the least financially are, of course, compensated for your health, injury, disability or death benefits. According to us, the code is due to the fault of the family owner, the payment of life annuities or the effect of the code in the countries to the west of our borders.

The obligatory liability, more precisely responsible liability for the code caused by the operation of the vehicle, must be concluded by the owner of the motor vehicle. According to the law, the unmounted vehicle must not be on the road. Mandatory protection of the driver in front of the castle code, which causes the operation of the vehicle, up to the limit agreed in the contract.

Who insures the highest codes
The limits of fulfillment in the offers of insurance are always divided into two categories for codes due to health (cost of only, once, dead) and to codes on property (including codes, profit). The law prescribes a minimum of compliance with these limits. For property codes it is 18 million crowns, you limit 35 million crowns for health codes.

The vast majority of couples offer the option of choosing from several insurance covers. The most obligatory liability is at the limit of the final limit (18 million per asset / 35 million per health). For the cheapest basic offer of the obligatory guarantee of Triglav (50/50), Kooperativa (24/54), SOB Pojiovny (24/44) and esk pojiovny (20/40), the final limit is stated in it. Limits are given in terminals (property / health).

Mandatory liability with the highest limits on the market (100/100) can be agreed for the following companies: Allianz, Uniqa and according to esk pojiovny and SOB Pojiovny.

The insurance and their limits did not differ dramatically. In addition, Octavia 1.9 TDI PD insurance codes cost 8478 crowns for the Standard limit and 8817 K for the Bonus Exclusive limit. The differences between the individual binding bags are several thousand crowns. We give a detailed comparison for five weeks.


Product name

vcn code
code on healthy


18 000 00035 000 000
you50 000 00050 000 000
Maximln100 000 000100 000 000
Standard20 000 00040 000 000
Bonus Exclusive100 000 000100 000 000
PPSporopov18 000 00035 000 000
Specil More20 000 00040 000 000
Super Plus70 000 00070 000 000
UNDERStandard24 000 00044 000 000
Dominant60 000 00060 000 000
Rewarding100 000 000100 000 000
DirectComponent18 000 00035 000 000
roses30 000 00060 000 000
GeneralStandard18 000 00035 000 000
Plus30 000 00060 000 000
CooperativeStandard24 000 00054 000 000
Benefit70 000 00070 000 000
Triglav50/5050 000 00050 000 000
Uniqa18/3518 000 00035 000 000
50/6050 000 00060 000 000
100/100100 000 000100 000 000
wstenrotComponent18 000 00035 000 000
Zven70 000 00070 000 000

Limits of compulsory liability of individual insurance companies, in K

When limits don’t happen
You limit me to be useful in the moment when fate will lead you in the path of a luxurious vz. If you fly a Bugatti Veyron to someone in the car sky, which is also braked by a Czech road, and you have agreed to a liability with a final limit on the property code of up to 18 million crowns, you will be left with a personal debt of at least another 18 million after accidents.

VzPrice in K
Bugatti Veyron36 thousand.
Maserati MC1223 thousand.
Ferrari Enzo22 thousand.
Porsche Carrera GT15 thousand.
Mercedes SLR McLaren14 thousand.

The most expensive cars on Czech roads, which is best avoided

In case of an accident operator payment of the insurance code up to the limit of the agreed performance in the contract. “The code, which stipulates the agreed limit of the insurance indemnity in the insurance contract, is reimbursed to the person who is responsible for the code (vehicle operator, driver of the vehicle). If the first to demand execution against the property is the lack of a binding key, ”says Jakub Hradec from the Czech office of the insurer.

For nepojitnho idie Although first pay the code to the final limit (18/35) Czech office insurer from the guarantee fund. Vink will not avoid the bag. The fund then very intensively codes for the operator and the idea of ​​the vehicle. code above this limit can be damaged directly on the coil.

With a low limit, the ride may not pay off. Due to the damage, the code can be repaid in full, ie in the breath of hundreds of millions of crowns. fully uninsured is the flight to drive a risky unattended driving threat in addition to possible full payment of the code and a fine and damage to the vehicle, even if the day of the accident is not caused.

On the other hand, it must be added that in the exceptional case of derailed train and reduced sources of drinking water due to the fault of the accident vs. unfortunately, it is not even obligatory to protect the code with a super hundred million limit before the lifetime of the code.

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