Each businessman m on vbr. Either you take the actual expenses from your income, or you use the option to deduct the cost in Paul, depending on the field of business. From the pensions he has issued for a given year, you simply deduct the percentage that you make. According to the field, business is possible.

Anyone who owns a trade license can claim costs of 50 or 60 percent, depending on the type of business. And so that the craftsmanship of 60 percent and all other free, taken and licensed 50 percent.

What is a bag according to kona crafts? vadlena? Cosmetics? Don’t look for logic behind you. While cosmetic services are in addition to craft activities, the production of the trade is free.

The division of individual activities has changed a bit since the middle of last year (a complete list of individual activities and the content can be found at www.mpo.cz/dokument48868.html). A new craftsmanship is, for example, the installation and repair of electrical equipment. If you have income from another business, you have an annual interest rate of 40 percent, you can deduct 30 percent from your rent.

Is it possible to exchange expenses for paul?

If you have stated the actual data in recent years and now you would rather use paula, you must first file an additional tax return for 2007. In it, you will list all receivables and bonds, as if you had terminated your activity. You probably won’t avoid adding tax and penle domains, so ask if it’s worth the price.

You must report all your business activities the same. It is not possible for you to take money from one, you as a financial advisor, and from the other, you as a carrier, real costs.

And when you go to different Paul, you need to take into account your income in relation to business activities. For example, you work weekly as a tax advisor and three weeks as an ethn. Then you deduct 50 percent from three quarters of income and 40 percent from one quarter.

80% – agricultural activity

Everyone who does business in agriculture, forestry and water management.

For example, hop growing, fruit growing, viticulture, viticulture, growing of vegetables, mushrooms or plants, breeding of farm animals, horses and fish, production of seeds and seedlings, rights, processing and sale of own production of agricultural products;

This paul is paid to me by both an agricultural “entrepreneur” (who operates under income tax pursuant to Section 7) and a “non-entrepreneur” (who has income from agricultural activity pursuant to Section 10 – other income).

60% – emesln ivnost

Who is a business in business, all activities are listed in the business law. Please note that some changes have taken place since July 2008.

For example, metalwork, change, tools, clutches, models, repairs of power vehicles, bodies and working machines, watchmaking, production, installation and repair of electrical machines and apparatus and electronic equipment, installation, repair and reconstruction of cooling equipment and heat pumps, stone processing, grinding and etching glass, production of cosmetics (only until June 30, 2008, sweat 50%), butchery, mill, brewing and malting, confectionery, bakery, confectionery, dyeing and chemical rights of textiles, joinery, goldsmiths and jewelers, repairs of music tools, printing and photographic services (only until June 30, 2008, sweat 50%), masonry, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, fat, floor, insulation, chimney, plumbing, heating, stove, painting, painting, painting, etc. clothing and textiles, applications, production and repair of orthopedic footwear, hospitality, cosmetic services, pedicures, manicures, holistic, cadence.

From 1 July 2008, this includes new installations: repairs, repairs, inspections and tests of electronic equipment, gas equipment and gas filling equipment, pressure equipment and gas equipment, lifting equipment; laundry and coal of textiles and partitions.

50% – the last ivnosti

Entrepreneur who does not live with crafts, but has the activities licensed, taken and free.

For example:

  • projects activity in construction, geological work, land activity
  • processing of table and production of table products,
  • production of dangerous chemical substances,
  • is optics,
  • car bike operation
  • purchase and sale of cultural monuments, property, real estate,
  • primary activity,
  • water ethnicity,
  • masrsk, reconditioning and regenerate services, operating solri,
  • smnrensk activity,
  • water conservation service,
  • taxisluba,
  • the service of a private detective,
  • business travel agencies,
  • road transport, domestic shipping,
  • intermediation of trade, activities of business, financial, organizational and economic consultants,
  • translation and interpreting activities, teaching language,
  • breeding animals and their training,
  • production of feed, textiles, production of food products, textile products, clothing and clothing accessories, production and repair of footwear, clothing,
  • publishing activity,
  • production of building materials, production of metal structures and metal products, surfaces of law and welding metals and other materials, production of mic, navigation, photographic and optical devices and equipment, production of non-electrical equipment for households,
  • laundry for household, ironing and repairs of household goods, repairs and gossiping of household goods,
  • accommodation services,
  • advisory and consulting activities,
  • advertising and marketing.

40% – other business and activity

Everyone who has income according to special regulations (not according to the trade law), from an independent permit, who does not operate under special regulations, income according to the copyright law, from the first of the industrial property.

For example, lawyers, lawyers, architects, tax advisors, notices, bonding agents, forensic experts, interpreters, mediators, artists, writers and athletes.

30% – pronjem

Everyone who rents apartments, houses and non-residential premises. For example, garages, offices and regularly rent property.

tte v tern MF TODAY

How to properly fill out your tax return when you are an entrepreneur, and how to get a car to ethnicity, you will find in the third edition of the Pension.

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