Life insurance is a product that is primarily intended to protect the risks of the family. As long as it can be secured in case of death or disability. In addition to the hare function, life insurance can also play a savings role. How to evaluate d from the insurance company?

Life insurance has become popular thanks to the possibility to deduct the tax base for the payment of insurance. We can save the tax base by 12,000 crowns, if we meet the basic conditions: The insurance is at least 60 years old and the duration of the insurance period is at least 5 years. In state disputes depend on how high income tax we pay. Whoever you receive, knows more, whoever receives and pays tax, you know.

Pklad 1
At the age of 40, we have established a life insurance and we pay 1,000 K msn. N income is high (eg 40,000 K msn), we also belong to the highest tax psma (32%). How many uetme on danch?

We pay exactly as much as the answer to the limit for tax returns to the insurance company. The tax base for ns means a dispute of 3,840 K (that is 32% of 12,000 K). We pay 12,000 K, but we get 3,840 K back. life insurance costs only 8,160 crowns. Speaking of taxes, let us note that the full insurance premium paid out of the 15% profit tax. The tax is a profit, ie what nm pay the insurance company after deducting what we paid. As with the pension supplement and with the life insurance, the employer’s payments are advantageous. Therefore, it is life-insured by some employees

Appraised in life insurance is more complex than other products. The insurance company guarantees a certain minimum value for money (eg 2%). The pension he manages invests in the capital market and you are valued here. When the above-guaranteed value is achieved (eg 2%), the input is written to the client. Simply and in layman’s terms: The insurance company guarantees that e.g. in 20 years we will get at least a certain amount. If the market dait lpe, it will be you.

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How to evaluate d from the insurance company?

Insurance companies invest (similarly to pension funds) very conservatively. They cannot afford to invest large amounts in the stock because they cannot afford to fall in portfolio value. The vast majority of the insurance company’s portfolio is re-invested in bonds. In the case of insurance, the expected value is similarly valued as in the case of bond funds or as in the case of pension insurance.

Evaluated for insurance companies, but not for mutual funds. For the fund, we expect that when we regularly invest 1,000 Knn in the money market fund, we will have 12,000 Kn per year plus some returns.

In the case of insurance for a year, we will have only a few hundred (or a few thousand). This is a bottom full of other costs than in the case of the fund. At the fund, we are used to some entrance fee and some managerial fee. It simply doesn’t work that way at the connection company. Opt not enough city to analyze the issue in detail. Just remember that inserting 1,000 K into the insurance company may not increase the value of your 1,000 K here. This will be less costly for the insurance company. Appraised and fees are folded and unsightly for the layman. When deciding on a connection, have a simulation done, how much you should spend in a certain time. Decide on the basis of the connection.

Pklad 2
At the age of 40, we have established a life insurance company, where we want to give maximum priority to its savings function. Therefore, let’s choose as little insurance as possible (so that all pensions are on the spoen). We will pay 1,000 K msn. How old will we be in our 60 years?

We do not know exactly how much we will have. But as we said two, the connection company will guarantee a certain minimum value, e.g. 2% ron. This evaluated answer is guaranteed to be 243,000 K in 20 years. When the market succeeds better, the yields will be written. We can have the simulation processed by the program of the connection company and it will be realized that with the evaluation of 4% ron nm 290,000 K will be paid. The evaluation of 4% ron could be reln. We will also get at least 243,000 K in 20 years, we are sure of that. We will get 290,000 K, when the market will be successful. We put 240,000 K ourselves. It can also be seen that there is nothing interesting in the input. We are sure that we will get an extra 3,000 K, when the market will be able to get 50,000 K more than the amount we put ourselves.

Pklad 3
We will regularly invest 1,000 K msn in:
a) Money market fund with a contribution of 2% ron.
b) Bond fund with a yield of 4% ron.
What value will our investment have in 20 years?

In the case of a money market fund, we will have 295,000 K, in the case of a bond fund 367,000 K.

Let’s compare the results of regular investments in funds with life insurance. There will be far less in the insurance than there will be in the funds. This is the bottom first, that the net has given costs that funds do not have. Insurance is an irregular product for value-added pensions. Funds to evaluate pensions lpe. How will it relate to the need for tax deductions? So far, we haven’t sweated with tax returns. We pay 1,000 K to the connection company, but we get something from sttu back. If we are in the highest tax dog, we will add 320 K and the connection will be 680 K.

Pklad 4
We will regularly invest 680K msn in:
a) Money market fund with a contribution of 2% ron.
b) Bond fund with a yield of 4% ron.
c) Exchange fund with a contribution of 6% ron.
What value will our investment have in 20 years?

Taking into account the maximum tax rebates, we will be able to spend more in life insurance, not if we achieve the same return on funds. When investing the pension in a fund where the return would be 2%, we will have about 200,000 K in 20 years.

For insurance companies, we do not have to choose how our pensions will be valued. Pensions are valued in the same way for all clients and are relatively conservative. If we invest in the fund for 20 years, we will choose a risk portfolio with a return on return. So we have to spend more in funds, not in insurance, but we have to choose a risk strategy. Therefore, the table for the fund shows and appreciated 6%. A balanced portfolio would correspond to this assessment.

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For whom it is worth living

Life insurance, as it has been said, should be primarily used to protect risks in the family. It is also suitable for valued pensions and for savings.

life insurance is interesting in the case of:

  • if we meet the conditions for tax deduction of the paid insurance premium.
  • We have a high income and pay a high tax.
  • We prefer the certainty of someone appreciated.

The funds will be interesting if:

  • We do not meet the conditions of tax deductions for life insurance or
  • we are willing to undergo a different value of the investment and invest riskier and thus more intrusively (eg in balanced funds) or
  • we need to be able to easily and without penalties choose a retirement pension.

In many cases, it is not decisive: Either funds or insurance. We often have the opportunity to bind both forms of value-added pensions. Then something similar to the case of the supplementary pension supplement: Funds can form a risk portfolio, life insurance will form a conservative portfolio, where the returns are due to the tax return.

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Length 1: Basic question: for I want to invest
2. dl: How do you want input?
3. dl: Do you want maximum profit?
4. dl: How much can your investments sell?
5. dl: What to do when your investment declines
6. dl: m del time, tm you risk can be taken
7. dl: We can invest in it
8. dl: Are you a conservative investor or an aggressive player?
9. dl: For whom the (non) hour pension is connected


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