Advertisements in newspapers or on work lines are passports. Lack of free and quality employees forces the company to actively seek out new employees. Human resources is slowly but surely moving to the social network, to Ondej Tyleek from the Fairy Tailors agency.

Forms of communication between companies and potential employees have changed dramatically in the last few years. The lack of highly qualified employees of the company makes it necessary to reach new people much more subtly than it used to be. This pays twice as much, especially for highly skilled workers such as IT professionals and experienced creatives.

Recently, social internet services have proven to be the most effective way to look for new employees. Not only do you reduce the cost of the collection, but you can get able to get people much faster than using traditional advertising. The professionally approached worker in this way is often much more.

Traditional working portlm bell edge

Job portals very often send job seekers irrelevant job offers. Candidates are so overwhelmed with information that they are not interested. An easy offer that would be attractive to them. In personal agencies, they again have to obtain biographies of people. Not only is this expensive, but it also requires some knowledge of the professions sought.

On the contrary, social workers can easily target advertising to a circle of people who meet certain criteria, or even reach them directly and instantly via chat. The mere fact that each user of this social network also has a personal profile, two companies have the opportunity to make a complex idea of ​​the candidate, not what a classic CV would give them.

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Undoubtedly, the operator of social media is also aware of its potential in the field of human resources. The opportunity to demand new employees is therefore not only perceived by the traditional employee of LinkedIn employees, but also by slowly penetrating the platforms, which have so far only been removed from office.

A good example is the most popular with Facebook, which is actively used by half of the population. Last year, it launched the Job Offer function, which provides advertisers with a wide range of options for contacting candidates. The offer is non-violent and, in addition, I will be so deprived of this spirit. The user takes a moment to take a moment and just by the way, the job offer is displayed.

Don’t leave behind Facebook, not even others who once had nothing to do with the board. A novelty is, for example, the inclusion of new employees via Instagram. He most often uses companies to present their internal culture. And somehow, by the way, he also creates posts with specific job offers. In this way, I want to attract mainly lovers who are just coming to the market.

Do you want people? But creative

Ads that attract new workers require a certain amount of creativity in each case. The offer, which contains only dry information about the vacancy and the required profile of the candidate, will succeed in a huge competition only a little.

A completely key bite of the insert is a visul, ie a picture or a photo. It must attract the user so-called good at first. If, in addition, the company cl to the young, who are accustomed to absorb more visual perceptions, pay it twice. It definitely pays to bet on humor.

If the ad is funny, the probability increases that the user will want to appreciate it with a liking, or even share it. This, of course, is the range of people among whom the offer can be found. Humor should never obscure the message of the advertisement. If this happens, the advertisement will be optically scattered, but its impact will be negligible.

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