You have to take the tax at the latest today, but the duties do not end there. Whoever lives, the company and you take honor, must go to cope with the health insurance company and the administration of social security.

It’s not easy with health insurance. The overview must be submitted by the entrepreneur and the employees who stay, by April 30. Those who do not give a tax (you need because they have low incomes), must do so by April 8. But everyone must pay within eight days of the time they actually filed the tax return. Also quite a mess.

It can be expected that the insurance companies will be satisfied with the payment on April 8, but it cannot be relied on. The official day from the addressed health insurance companies did not confirm that it was benevolent to the term. Naume vs how to fill out a formula.

First page of the formula

Whoever picked up the form at his insurance company has his head, otherwise he fills in the insurance company according to the order of the insurance company.

Overview type: It will be corrected in the event that you have additionally found that you have an error in the overview.
Personal gives: Also drink e-mail and telephone, to facilitate easy communication if you need to add something. According to you, tell me half of whether you cheated the tax yourself, including the advisor, and whether you had to cheat it at all. In the middle of the first page there is a box in which you state the date when you submitted the tax return.
Peplatek a zlohy: With the help of the long polka, determine what the connection can do with a possible surcharge. Who pays the deposit, fill in how the pension is sent. When from here, then you know his word.

Model: Jana comes out of the day, she gave the letter herself today. As the employee did not pay the day of the deposit, it will only be supplemented.
Prohlen: especially for those who do not have a business as the main source of income, or have been ill for a long time.

Oddl A: When you have been employed and do business in some cities, write the letter “a” in pslunch msc. Employed as the main source of income you can state when they paid insurance for everything at work and you received at least the minimum wage.

When you were incapacitated for work as a self-employed calendar person (attention, the illness from 5 January to 27 February is not a “full calendar month”), there was no need to pay a deposit for this money. Enter the letter “b” in the boxes under the letter.

Model: Jana was employed all year and was not ill, the letter “a” in section A was filled in.
Oddl B: indicate when you did not have to pay the minimum deposit, but deduct the insurance only from what you actually issued. Enter the letter in the boxes:
a) when the insured is paid for all salaries (unaccompanied children, pensioners who receive a pension from the pension scheme R, for maternity leave, parental leave, job seeker;
b) you are currently employed;
c) you have had a full medical leave;
d) you have a disability;
e) you have pensions but no pensioners;
f) one day and all day you care for children up to 7 years or two children up to 15 years. Zapite rodn sla dt.

Model: Jana was employed all year, filling in the letter “b”. At the bottom of the formula, write the date and sign.

Kind of side of the formula

Dec 1: Set the income you have from the business (from the area of ​​1 tax return). Attention, the health insurance company can also acknowledge those incomes from which you did not pay the tax yourself, you the author’s fee, which you received a tax tax).

Model: Jana will present 144 thousand crowns.
Dec 2: Write down the data related to the given income.

Model: Jana uvd 86 400 crowns, then 60 percent pjm.
Dec 3: Only fill in those who had incomes from business and employment in 2009 and the sum of both redundancies was more than 1,130,640 crowns.
dec 4 a 5: Write down how many jobs you did in 2009 and state how many jobs you were insured with the health insurance company, you fill in the form. If you changed your health insurance company in 2009, you will be given two reports of each insurance company in the year you were its client.

Model: Jana writes 12 in both windows. She has been in business for a year and has not changed her health insurance company.
Dec 6: Drink a month, for which self-employment was your main source of income. Those who are currently employed, zero.
dky 9 a 16: Follow the instructions, the formula contains pmo formulas, drink the results in the boxes.

until 14b: From the deposit of more than 1,130,640 crowns, health insurance is not valid. Become an employee and business income. If vs vs tk, find out on this dku.

Model: Jana company in addition to his employees, so there is a minimum exchange deposit, up to 9 days 0 and 12 times the calculation of income less expenses, then 57,600. at 3,888 crowns.
Dec 41: List the backups you sent in 2009.
Dec 43: Odette od dku 41 dek 16. When the positive value comes out, you have an overpayment. A minus sign means you will replenish.

Model: Jana did not pay the deposit, so the arrears in the full amount of the paid insurance amounted to 3,888 crowns. You have to pay within eight days.
Dec 51: According to the formula, calculate the deposit for the year 2010. When you have a minimum redemption deposit for your salary, you must enter at least 1,601 crowns. The maximum deposit is 19,205 crowns, no one pays. Whoever does not have zape 0.

Model: Jana is still employed, the business will be a side activity, so he will tick box b) (no deposit). Enter zero in the box and sweat into the staple according to formula (324).
dky 52 a 54: Fill in those who drove the sum of dk 3 and 14a you not 1 707 048, so they have reached the maximum exchange base.
Model: Jana, this st netk, nothing comes out.

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