Clients of esk spoitelny el novem flow of frauds. They send an SMS to their mobile phone first, which gives them a PIN for each time. Spoitelna warns customers not to share information about anyone.

The bank was alerted to fraudulent SMS by the clients themselves. The text message they received on their mobile phone instructed them to state their PIN in the reply. However, Esemeska does not specify whether it is a PIN for cards or pmmu banking.

esk spoitelna odmt, e by byla pvodcem tchto zprv.

elila toku potaovch pirt

Spoitelna thus drew attention to nonsensical information circulating on the Internet. Customers of the bank e-mail are advised to enter the PIN card back in case of an unauthorized check-up in the event of an ATM withdrawal – give it to the police.

All transactions at the ATM are conditional on entering the correct PIN, making it more expensive for the savings bank, otherwise the procedure will not allow the operation to take place.

We managed to get a sample of one of the e-mails from esk spoitelny:

“As soon as you find yourself in a situation and you have to press the pension from a cash dispenser under pressure, enter your PIN again: this is from the end – e.g. if you have 1234, then enter 4321 vending machine in front of the pension, but at the same time beat the police, who will come to your aid, this was first broadcast on TV recently, because the little people took advantage of this fact because they did not know about it. You will make as many people as possible. “

So this is a classic hoax, etz’s e-mail with false content, which closes the call to send to other addresses. Texts of fraudulent SMS spoitelna bohuel available nem.

Clients of other banks, at least according to official information, have not yet encountered a similar phenomenon. This was confirmed by the press departments of SOB, HVB and Komern Bank.

According to them, the circumstances found do not indicate that the flow of miles to a completely specific group of clients, e.g. prv esk spoitelny. At first, the bank considered the SMS bag in combination with the e-mail to be invited and suitable for publication.

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