If there is no significant reduction in annual rates this year, young people will have the opportunity to apply for a one-year mortgage subsidy after a few years. It is intended for real estate, which is at least two years after approval and is used for housing.

From the central budget, there were several ways to support our financial support. At present, it is possible to deduct paid years from the housing for tax from the tax base and thus the dream can pay the income tax. This is all about financial housing, not just mortgages.

In the past, two other forms of mortgage support were used, in the form of years of subsidies, which reduced the annual rate set for the client by the bank. In practice, this meant no msn spltky. The subsidy was provided on the one hand for vrm for new housing construction and, according to young people under the age of 36, for the number of real estate urns to live in. These two grants were not the same if it had set its own conditions for the provision. The specific year of the subsidy was always determined again for each calendar year, it always changed to the 1st hole and deviated from the average years of the rate of selected mortgages provided by banks in the previous year. This average annual rate was announced by the Ministry of Regional Development and was set separately for both types of state support.

The following table shows the data of the Ministry of Regional Development on the use of state financial support in practice. There is a number of apartments that were built with the contribution of financial support and according to the volume of mortgages that were provided in this way.

The volume of mortgages (in millions of CZK) and the number of dwellings with granted financial support
obdobpoet bytvolume of hypotenches vr (in millions of K)
do 31. 12. 1996 126127
in 19972 0311 557
in 19982 7612 336
In 19993 0533 403
in the year 20004 7655 601
in 20017 14910 148
in 20026 7947 468
in year 20037 70311 093
in the year 20047 2438 992
in 20052 8904 025
in year 20061 0181 138
in 2007 344 363
1. 1. 2008 – 30. 4. 2008 110 203
in total until 30 April 200845 98756 454

Source: MMR

Contribution to mortgages for persons under 36 years of age

First, this form of state aid could be reintroduced from the first year. Whether this will be the case depends on the five years of mortgage rates. If the average rate is calculated according to the MMR methodology of 5% and you, all those who meet the conditions for its provision will be able to apply for it for five years. If this rate does not exceed 6%, the grant year will init init one percentage point. At present, the banks also anticipate that this will happen. For example, the average years of rates published by the FINCENTRUM HYPOINDEX indicator, which monitors the rates of new mortgages provided for the first year, did not fall below 5.50% this year.

The main characteristics of this state element

The specific conditions are set out in the manual. 249/2002 Sb. ve znn vldnho nazen. 32/2004 Sb.

* In these years, the subsidy is always fixed for the period of the agreed mortgage fixation, maximum bag for a period of five years. After the expiration of this period, a new one is determined in the years of the subsidy according to the first valid active conditions.
* The provider will have to meet the mortgage for the entire period, up to a maximum of ten years.
* It is provided for the mortgage vru or its part, which in the case of the purchase of an apartment does not exceed 800 thousand crowns, and in the case of a family house with one apartment does not exceed 1.5 million crowns. st vru, which exceeds these limits, is not subsidized.

Basic conditions for the provision of this state contribution

* the applicant (in the case of manel or his partner) must not be quite older at the age of 36 years.
* the applicant (in the case of a husband or his partner) must not have enough ownership or co-ownership of an apartment, apartment house or family house at the time of the company, except for an apartment or family house with one apartment;
* Apartment or family house with one apartment, this support is available for purchase, it must be at least two years old (two years from the building approval) and it must be located on the ground R.
* An apartment or family house with one apartment, when this purchase was used, must be used for the duration of its provision for permanent residence of the applicant and must be in his or her own ownership (in the case of marriages in the common name).

How to file a contribution

Written enough about the provision of support pedkld tenant bank to which he took a mortgage. This bank must be authorized by the ministry to receive enough and conclude agreements on the provision of support, but this condition is met by most mortgage providers.
enough must be submitted no earlier than on the day of concluding the mortgage contract and no later than on the day of its start. It will not provide mono support for vrm, where erpn was started.

And sttnho pspvku

The specific contribution that the client “receives” is the difference between the annuity installment with the bank’s original annual rate (valid on the date of termination of the year) and the annuity installment with the bank’s annual rate reduced by the annual subsidy (valid on the date of the first draw). . This difference was rounded up to the crowns.

In the years of subsidies

How high will the year of the subsidy be in a given calendar year, depending on the average year of rates announced by the Ministry of Urban Development. The specific conditions are set out in this manual and are listed in the following table. For comparison, there is also a subsidy for new housing construction in the years, which has been provided since 1995, which was canceled.

In the years of the subsidy hypotench incl
average years rate of selected mortgages provided in the previous calendar year – announced by the Ministry of Regional Developmentin the case of mortgages for mortgages for the old apartment (only for persons under 36 years) according to NV. 249/2002 Sb.including support for mortgages for new housing construction according to NV. 244/1995 Sb. ZRUENO
10% a vce4%4%
9 %  –  10 %4%3%
8 %  –  9 %4%2%
7 %  –  8 %3%1%
6 % – 7%2%0%
5 % – 6%1%0%
under 5%0%0%

Source: Fincentrum.cz

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