The last date to enter the second sawmill for people over 35 is June 30. Until then, they should know all the pros and cons, the decision is binding and unchanging. Let’s take a look at the most important pros and cons, which is good to take into account.

You have to add two percent of your wallet to the percent that they drank with a social security pistol in the second. It is two percent of your gross salary, he will pay your salary.

The future of the second sawmill is somewhat uncertain. Socio-democracy has repeatedly argued that if it comes in, it kind of drank. People should not lose their pensions, but the idea of ​​a pension, which you secure yourself, would fall.

Once you get into the second saw, it’s over. For each taxable income, you get two percent of the gross salary less so far. With an average wage of 23,500 crowns, it is 470 crowns per month.

By signing a pension savings agreement, your claims for the reduced pension from the regular system are automatically reduced. It will be 15 percent lower in the middle, not if you did not enter the second saw at all.

Pensions from the second sawmill can be paid out at the earliest when the pension entitlement to retirement arises.

Today’s dictators have a set (eclipsing) of 68 years, regardless of gender or sweat. It must thus fulfill the obligatory number of years of insurance.

Those who retire after 2018 must have worked (= bt pojitni) for 35 years. If they do not meet this condition, they can be extended for five years at retirement.

And when you reach retirement age, your perspectives may not be the same. Even if you are ill, you do not have to choose a pension from the second saw at once. They are intended for the payment of annuities, which are either for life or 20 years. You can set it so that it can be inherited by more or less.

Three percent of gross wages, without compensation, would end up in the regular system, you can save on your individual here.

Influence your future income, because these funds are designed to be your security for the time and for the time when the so-called middle income (from the current system that is paid) is most likely to fall sharply.

There is no niche from the second saw, but you don’t have to worry about paying anything extra when you lose your job. Contribution to the second sawmill is deducted from taxable income, if you do not have it, you do not pay anything.

While today all the contributions to the social network in the current system, in the second pillar are yours. And they can even inherit them or just in case you don’t retire.

Pensions deposited with pension companies will be invested in mutual funds. There is a salary for such an investment, but in the second drink there are no fees, not if you invest yourself.

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