Repeated financial losses are a part of commodity trading. elit is difficult for them, because since childhood it is on each of us to exert pressure to be as good as possible and not make mistakes.

Pro cope with the losses so much tk?
Let’s try to ask the question now, PRO is so difficult to be able to accept small losses on a regular basis, even though we are taught that small losses are a natural part of the business and small losses cannot be avoided if we want to make a stable profit in the commodity business.

The answer to PRO is offered in two directions: the first fact is the time and the world in which we live today. As the time of day without darkness does not allow you to make mistakes, we are constantly exposed to pressure from all sides, always and in every respect perfect. It is quite logical that when an individual goes under such pressure for a long time, he needs to perfectly consider qualities such as making mistakes and accepting losses as something bad, socially unrecognized and highly unproductive.

If you want to become a real, successful salesperson, you must learn not to succumb to the ambient pressure in the first place, you need to always be perfect. If your employer (and the professor, if you are a student) always requires perfect and flawless results, if your family and loved ones are constantly at high demands and will only be able to forgive rashes and imperfections, that’s right.

If the most important magazines today and every day with stories about how they are the basis of a hurry in the life of good distances and perfect results in everything you pay for, it is only up to you whether he has such a statement. As for the commodity and stock world, you will forget about the need to be constantly perfect and flawless.

If you start trading with this approach, you need to be perfect in every trade very quickly and you will definitely tell the truth in every trade. You will consider your natural loss to be something wrong and inadmissible, you will doubt whether there is a repair in the trading system (yes, the time tested system is long lasting, only you are not able to cope with natural losses), you will start to look for another trading system and at that moment you get into an endless closed circle, which will once again enter the 80% of losing traders.

The second reason for which it is so difficult for us to accept small and natural losses, are natural breeding patterns, deeply rooted in each of us from a long age. Urit, each of us at least vaguely remembers how we in childhood were constantly told about what we can and must not do.

If we then did something that was inadmissible from the point of view of our parents and society, we were punished for it and by looking at Veernko by mistake, by going out with friends, etc. If we all brought her up from childhood in that if let’s give something that is considered “bad”, we will be punished for it, it is natural that we created it during our childhood and firmly established a breeding pattern, which we subconsciously must always be perfect and not make mistakes, which are ” patn a neppustn ”.

The pressure on each of us is always perfect and making as few mistakes as possible in life is so strong and noticeable that it is natural to fail to elite one such as repeated financial losses in the commodity trade. And, of course, the elite has such a stubborn breeding pattern and such strong pressure around the wheels above the wheels, so there were only a handful of traders who managed to get rid of the fear of “making mistakes and losing pensions” and paradoxically gave a huge name.

So if you start working as soon as possible to be able to accept the fact that trading, unlike the real world, you do not always have to be perfect and in every respect perfect, you have a solid idea that it will not become a trading goal for everyone. It best describes the certificate of the words of “big” traders:

“The path to fabulous wealth leads through an infinite number of small losses.”

This motto is a true argument for the need to master both money management and business psychology.

How to effectively build discipline, self-esteem and the ability to accept losses?
If this question were so easy to answer, the psychology of trading would not be the most debated and still least understood state of commodity and stock trading. Nevertheless, there are a few good pieces of advice that can make the loss of discipline, self-sufficiency and the ability to accept losses a little easier.

1. Znt sm sebe
Each hunter is an individual, the only creature with a number of his own mistakes and preference. If a hunter learns to know himself, to realize his mistakes and advantages, and to accept them without any worries or notices, I have a solid mastery of the psychological side of business. Don’t be afraid to give a bird, and they will set up a mirror and help you know your things. In what you learn about and receive about yourself, be able to realize your self, build your own individuality, self-confidence and give skills essential for starting a business.

2. Mt system that you know and that you hang out with
This is probably the most critical moment for any businesswoman. In today’s world, there are boards, or even hundreds of systems, that can work for one and not for the other. Every potential trader should try and try to get to know at least a few of them in order to be able to choose the one that suits him in all respects; in a simple analogy, it is like looking for an ideal partner.

Please pay attention to any aspect, any size that is but pleasant and time-consuming and corresponds to your nature, or that, on the contrary, you know that you will never be bored with your nature. Take a look at the study system and (or strategy) a real patin piece of work. Don’t underestimate this critical moment. Try calm and more systems (strategies) calmly at once. Will a particularly aggressive intraday strategy suit you? Or a long-term pozin strategy?

Will a system that produces a lot of small gains and losses lose me, or a system that produces a lot of small losses and huge gains? Shake, give up, know. And don’t forget to have a constant analogy with your partner in your head. Or, as a regular partner is a lifelong (or at least for a long life), this also applies to the trading system. Let’s point out once again that a regular system is not one that always works out and never loses, but one that you read with and that you feel suits your nature.

3. Paprov trnink
If you choose a system (or more) that you think might fit in your shell, you need to try this system first. A huge advantage of commodity and stock trading is that you can only try it with hypothetical pensions.

Give me your thorns! Test your strategy for sure until you know it perfectly on all sides and until you are absolutely sure that your reality has actually fulfilled it (and if not, don’t be afraid to try another strategy). See if you find a real fit strategy that you will test today and you will be satisfied with the results, you will be far behind in this strategy and it will simply accept losses for you.

4. Vra in plausibility
Learn more about probability. If you can live in probability, you will be honored to learn better in commodities and events. This business stands and falls on the likelihood that one thing will happen sooner than another.

5. Trade only with your own pension
If you think you are trading a retirement pension and someone else’s pension, now consider her pension lost. The fear of loss will be very bad in your store, so you will make so many mistakes that you will retire, and you will not know how. Trade only with your own pensions, in addition to those that you can afford to lose. And never trade a pension on vr at all!

6. Put your personal life in the horseshoe
If your personal life is turbulent and restless, so is your business. You better put your life in the horseshoe as much as possible and calm it down as much as possible if you want to earn money in the real pension market. The opening of the store is in fact a very quiet and boring affair, and the remaining fluctuations and extremes in the store in the bottom case do not fall.

7. Relax, meditate
Relaxed tradesmen are far more relaxed in their store and so far they can “merge with the markets”. If you are relaxed, you will be much better able to accept losses and execute your input signals much more efficiently. If you are stressed, you will probably be stressed in the store and you will make many losing mistakes.

8. Keep at least one stop next to the drink
Don’t rely on the fact that the business will live from the moment of its arrest. If you still have a certain, stable income, you will be relaxed again, you will not need to “push” the markets and set off for them at any price for a dollar. Such a one never makes a profit.

9. Bute radji skeptit ne optimistit
Pehnan’s optimism destroyed thousands of traders. Optimism does not fall into the market. Bute skept, you lpe snet losses. Rejoice in profit, but keep in mind that the business gave me a loss. Since the psychology of business is really a key part of the rush, we donated a whole series of “series” on the server

ryvek is from the book
“Trading on commodity markets”
vydan nakladatelstvm
City Publishing,
For more information, visit

ryvek is from the book
“Trading on commodity markets”
vydan nakladatelstvm
City Publishing,
For more information, visit

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