A small citizen and a citizen and a trade license will pay for it. When you want to make millions, you need a good project and you are safe. The banks also consult on how to draw subsidies from European funds.

Do you need new machines, a company and pensions to start a business? Take entrepreneurs, and they are self-employed, small, small, medium-sized entrepreneurs and large companies, offer a number of loans to banks.

Certain professions have selected specifics, you will also be a lawyer, to whom you will offer certain stocks (for example GE Money Bank, SOB and UniCredit) suitable loans and loans.

For the time being, mBank, Potovn spoitelna and LBBW Bank CZ will focus on small entrepreneurs and sole traders.

The banks also receive subsidies from European funds and will help to secure, for example, in esk spoiteln, SOB and Komern banka.

How many pj…

How much the bank’s income pj, especially depends on the type of heat and how big the company is. Mostly differentiate according to the size of the annual turnover, up to 30 million floors generally had a medium-sized entrepreneur.

The most frequently used loans are cash, overdraft and credit card. These are mostly hundreds of crowns and units of a million. The pension thus obtained can be tied to anything that is done.

Entrepreneurs can get more pensions if they prove their proverbiality, and the most people also need a build-up and co-participation. This means that you draw pensions directly on a specific facility and on the purchase of real estate, which you then route. At the same time, you must determine the percentage of your own income from the loan volume (10 and 30%).

… And what for that

You do not get the pension bag for free. While the issuance and approval of overdrafts and credit cards do not cost anything, for operating and investment loans you usually pay 0.3 and 1 percent of the loan and in addition, prepare for a regular monthly fee for management here. It ranges from 100 to 500 crowns.

The years are usually determined individually, ranging from 7 to 12 percent in the classic year, about five and ten percent of the amount in the years from credit cards and cash.

Even when it is necessary to pay the loan, banks determine the individual, just for orientation, for example, SOB offers Small for entrepreneurs with a maximum maturity of 15 years, Komern banka lends one million crowns with a maturity of five years and a fixed year of 11.5 percent.

What do you need to do and how long does it take

The easiest way to get a loan at a bank is to those who have a business account for at least a year. In order to conclude an employment contract, all that is required is a civil card and a document authorizing the business (trade license, entry from the trade or commercial register).

Anyone who does not have a bank account must, in addition to the above, usually submit two and a letter of credit, financial statements and, in some cases, proof that they do not pay the financial statements or the social security.

The creditworthiness of the client is assessed by all banks individually, the entrepreneur should prove that he is able to repay, he must not be listed in any of the top registers.

If he passes, you will be able to retire the same day, but the creep for small entrepreneurs will be out in the week. If the document needs to be submitted, it takes several weeks.

Deposits of banking products and loans for sole proprietors, small businesses and small and medium-sized companies

esk spoitelna

Service tip:

  • 15 counseling centers
  • Professional for free enterprise (and 500 thousand crowns)
  • investment in transit vr 5 Plus (up to 5 million crowns)
  • vr Mini Profit (do 300 tisc korun)
  • financed from EU funds

Contact: www.csas.cz


Service tip:

  • financing for selected groups of professions (noti, advokti, lkai, architects)
  • allowed to pay (up to 5 million crowns), credit card (up to 500,000 crowns), had for entrepreneurs (up to 8 million crowns)
  • program for a financing project from EU funds

Contact: www.csob.cz

GE Money Bank

Service tip:

  • special products for farmers and agricultural workers and professional groups (medicine, lecturers, lawyers, veterinarians, tax advisors, notes)
  • vr Expres Business pro zanajc advokty, note, lkae, zubae, veterine (do 1 mil. korun)
  • vr Renovation Plus for the association of owners and flats drustva
  • I serve

Contact: www.gemoney.cz

Komern bank

Service tip:

  • financing specifically for business in the franchising system for tenants and other entrepreneurs
  • Profi vr Fix – fixed rate for the entire period of payment and regular fixed payments (up to 1 mil.)
  • Ponte II program – support from EU funding

Contact: www.kb.cz


Service tip:

  • pro svobodn povoln vhodnji roen bn et IQ Profesn konto a balek finannch slueb Konto 5 za 50
  • suitable for notes, lawyers, courts
  • vry for entrepreneurs prepare

Contact: www.lbbw.cz


Service tip:

  • business mBusiness Account free of charge for keeping here, payments within the bank, payment card
  • vry for entrepreneurs prepare

Contact: www.mbank.cz

Potovn spoitelna

Service tip:

  • the largest number of business places for self-employed and small entrepreneurs, prepare a convenient door for small farmers
  • allowed to pay (up to 5 million crowns), credit card (up to 500,000 crowns), had a business year (up to 500,000 crowns), had an investment year (up to 8 million crowns)
  • Dotan service – consulting with subsidies from the EU

Contact: www.postovnisporitelna.cz


Service tip:

  • eKonto – thanks to free terms and conditions and other services (card locking, multi-currency)
  • Business Quick Loan and Business Overdraft for small entrepreneurs with a turnover of up to 30 million crowns (up to 5 million crowns)

Contact: www.rb.cz

UniCredit Bank

Service tip:

  • specialized products for freelancers (noti, advokáti, lkai, soudci, exekutoi, architekti, etc.) Art banking
  • consulting in the field of investment in art
  • operating loans (up to 12.5 million crowns), investment loans (up to 10 million crowns) and mortgage loans for companies with a turnover of up to 50 million crowns

Contact: www.unicreditbank.cz


Service tip:

  • for private medicine Medi Konto (especially dog ​​roen and a package of additional products)
  • overdraft for entrepreneurs who have at least 12 months in the bank (up to 1 million crowns)
  • investin vr (apartments are individual)
  • vry within the EU Program

Contact: www.volksbank.cz

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