When it comes to pensions, I often work as a financial advisor for the world. And sometimes I don’t wonder. A few days ago, I was called by a friend, Pavel, who wanted to show off her client rush.

First, she attended a bank meeting. Her personal bank invited her there. She was a little surprised, because she did not have that financial condition, then it turned out that she once inherited a passbook. That’s why I invite it.

Paul was encouraged to transfer to the bank, its management and some services should be free for five years. Large banks, it seems, feel the onset of competition, so start to be accommodating (so far not much to existing clients, but new customers are looking for a really interesting event).

Then she checked whether the client would enter the second sawmill. When she said that she didn’t have enough information about everything, she started an explanatory feast, from which she came out with the conviction that the kind of drink is difficult for her. And she promised to go home with her husband, and then they both came to write a contract.

In this city, I should explain that Paul is retiring for less than nine years, working as a nurse in a district city, and her salary corresponds to that. Thus, it certainly does not represent a group of young people with a high income for whom the type of sawmill is suitable, as stated on the MLSA website:

When I heard a gift in the kamardin’s voice, I began to find out very carefully what they had learned about the second drinker. Only Pavel basically had only one thing in mind: in addition to his 360 crowns, he would receive 540 more from the stt and the sun was appreciated. What did not work was that with the entrance to the second sawmill, there is a reduced income (in its case from 9002 crowns to 8668 crowns). Even the value with which I have to meet is definitely not 6 percent. It was said that in the last nine years it has saved about 115 thousand crowns and only 39 thousand. She didn’t realize, she didn’t know, that she wouldn’t see the pensions all at once, but she would dissolve in her lifelong pension.

An hour after I explained to a friend not only the pros but also the disadvantages of the second saw by e-mail a survey of the Pension Company esk pojiovny (for regularity: it is a different company than the one with which Nurse Pavla was in consultation). According to a survey, 31 percent of people say they don’t have enough independent information about the second pillar of the reform’s pensions, which is why they don’t rush into it.

And Libor Pergl, the company’s marketing director, adds: “People need to understand the pros and cons of the second sawmill so that they can ensure satisfaction and not just rely on the state. Unfortunately, the negative opinion of some politicians makes it difficult to make an opinion on the issue of pensions. ”

Only where you get impartial information, when even a certified consultant (or in June, when it happened, all consultants must be certified) can not be completely objective and it is a matter of fulfilling the round (and either get a commission, and not high; or you hit the city). Otherwise, he would probably not recommend a low-paid old house to enter the second sawmill, he would not pick up the benefits and he would not modestly confuse the unsuitable.

People have to learn to look for information on their own, to the point of kind, but not to be completely indebted to them. If we are not five years old, we are not in a situation where someone leads us by the hand and what, what and how we can only do first. And if that’s the case, we shouldn’t be surprised that it sometimes turns out that the “only one” wasn’t the best thing for us.

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